There is some great stuff going on for so many folk and some really tough stuff too at the moment.

I’m hearing of illness, accidents, overwhelm, extreme stress, relationship issues, financial issues, lack of sleep, pain, loneliness, lack of direction, communication breakdown and loved ones dying.

None of these are pleasant things to be experiencing that’s for sure and it’s a time for our self care to be increased in whichever way serves you.

So if that’s setting firm boundaries then go for it… or turning the TV off and reading a good book instead…. having your home in silence and meditating…. restricting yourself on social media…. doing self healing…. going for healing…. immersing yourself in nature… not reading newspapers… not buying into hatred or fear that media or people try to spread… go on a retreat… go for a walk… go see someone lovely… breathe… eat lovely food…. cook a delicious meal from scratc … hang out with beautiful animals… treat yourself to something… say NO to things that don’t feel right… say YES to things that do feel good… go on a course that will help you evolve… keep a journal… write an intentions list of what you want…. write a letter to the universe of what you want to let go of and burn it… energetically cleanse your home… create an altar… play some uplifting music… have a relaxing bath… light some candles… diffuse some essential oils… invite someone lovely over to spend quality time talking about heart centred things….. take some flower remedies… wear some crystals… have a lie in… have a rest… take a holiday …use the Reiki symbols!  The list goes on….

I’ve had some challenges myself lately too so I’ve increased my self care and doing loads of the above things and I’ve been feeling fine!

So one thing I’ve been doing which is helping me to keep calm grounded and strong is incorporating the grounding symbol with the disconnection symbol and I’m going to share with you how I do this so you can try it too.


A whole new level of strength!

So we usually use the emotional symbol for -:
1.    Emotional and mental healing
2.    Emotional and mental disconnection
3.    Emotional and mental protection

So how about a 4th one!
4.    Emotional and mental grounding!


In these turbulent times where every one is being tested and folk are feeling emotional, tired, over whelmed, dizzy, falling over perhaps and dropping things, over reacting, tears, arguments, confusion… why not try something NEW?

Stand up straight.


Create the reverse power symbol with your 2 fingers in the air… right to left, top to bottom and then clockwise.

And visualise (imagine) placing it on the floor beneath you.

Say it’s mantra 3 times.

Then over that create the emotional and mental healing symbol.

Say it’s mantra 3 times.

Then activate that the usual power symbol and say it’s mantra 3 times.

(For the Reiki Masters you could now additionally power this sequence up with the Master symbol too)

Now set a powerful intention such as …..
“I am now feeling grounded, strong, and in my power. I am disconnected from all non serving energies and protected on all levels. I am confident and calm. Safe, rooted and strong. All is well in my world”

See, sense, know and trust that all non serving energies are now being cleared from your energy field, your chakra system, your body and your mind.

Trust that you are being grounded into Mother Earth and supported in her loving strength, kindness and embrace.

Know that you are surrounded by Divine and infinite love, light and protection.


You are energetically now different and all is indeed well.

Repeat this daily if you wish…. I’m finding it to be brilliant!

I hope you find it helpful, I’d love to hear if you try it and if you find it a positive experience.  Let me know, you can connect with me over on my Facebook page, or on Instagram.

Love always,

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