Are you feeling happy and positive or a little sad and negative?

Well let me say either is absolutely fine!!

While I totally endorse happiness, positive affirmations and intentions and healing … obviously … we can’t be happy and positive all the time! It’s just not real. And when we have sad stuff come up we just need to allow ourselves to navigate through it.

Usually talking to someone we trust REALLY helps as we are able to EXPRESS and during that expression becomes a RELEASE of energy and a sense of relief as we LET GO!

Holding emotions in because we THINK we have to be happy and positive all the time because we “are spiritual” really is non serving and massively missing the point!

It’s often in our darkest moments that we actually receive incredible clarity, we access profound wisdom and we touch our hearts so deeply that we receive the guidance we need on the changes we would do well to make and facilitate us to move forward.

This can often be things such as FINALLY acknowledging that we are WORTH more than we have so far settled for!

Or REALISING we have been trying to fit in to please others around us and daring not to be who we really want to be.

Or it can be ACKNOWLEDGING there are parts of us that are really sad, broken, in pain, crying, hurt, lost, betrayed, abandoned, lonely or feeling hopeless!


THESE things are truly the GOLD that we have kept buried!!

As once we START to know what they are, what their message is, what parts of us need love, compassion, kindness and healing THEN the return to joy, wisdom, growth and light can commence.

From these “dark moments” we may receive the INSIGHT on how to change our lives so that wonderful
shifts and changes can happen that will help us to be happier and healthier on every level!

The insight could be that we either work too hard, or we take too much criticism from others, we don’t speak up for ourselves, we don’t have boundaries, we give too much, we allow people to take from us, someone close to us is far too mean, we miss someone we love who has died and have never told anyone, we need help with a task, we need someone to confide in who is trustworthy, we are worried over money. And the list goes on as you could receive insight and clarity on anything that you have been going along with or putting up with … because you feel you either have to … and you have no choice.

Well in those dark moments of sadness and pain we realise we DO have a choice!

We always have a choice!


We have power!

And we can be empowered by our own reclamation of our energy from this process.

We can choose to continue to struggle and be in pain or sadness or grief or worry or criticism or feel betrayed etc OR we can NOW make a decision NOW yes NOW to make some changes … they can be as small and gentle as you like … to create a life that serves us.

So if you feel overwhelmed or sad perhaps confide in a good friend of therapist/healer/coach …. talking … and I mean heart centred talking (not gossip etc) … is one of the most powerful and healing things we can do! For someone to listen to us, truly listen with their heart their eyes, ears and their soul, without interrupting us or trying to talk over us is absolutely magical . No agenda, just someone to listen while we cry or we rant or we break down, someone to listen and support us with their energy is so beautiful and empowering.

And the reverse is also true if we can offer that gift of listening to another who is in pain and not interrupt not control or want to speak on what our ego “thinks they should do” but instead listen with our heart and soul is just beautiful

We don’t do enough of this either way in my view . Folk are too interested in talking nonsense about weather, sport, TV programmes etc that often the REALNESS of life gets missed.

So perhaps making a decision today to once a week have a heart centred conversation, a high vibrational conversation with someone about how YOU feel would serve you mentally and emotionally and equally taking time out to listen to someone in a heart centred way once a week would be a beautiful gift to give to someone.

So you see my point in all of this is that “our darkness” or “our shadow” or “ our pain” isn’t to be avoided it’s actually to be celebrated, run towards it, speak to it in meditation or healing sessions as THIS is where our GROWTH lives!

And yes I hear you that we are all growing all the time and how can we grow any more!!! … as we have put weeks, years, even lifetimes into the growth of our soul !!

Well I agree I just feel that now is a pivotal time in all of our souls evolution to go deeper than we ever have before!

And we can obviously compliment all of the above by then doing some healing energy work back in time to wash away any non serving energy that we learn at Reiki second degree and also we can then recall and reclaim our energy too as we learn at Master level.

Both of these techniques are things I do regularly in my own healing for myself and it’s so beneficial.

We just can’t heal the parts of us that we are unaware need help until we journey into those darker aspects of us and find them!

I will share with you that I have had a challenging time recently myself and have had to delve into the depths of the darkness of my own soul.

It hasn’t been pretty or enjoyable to be honest, in fact it’s been very painful and at times almost unbearable as I feel things so deeply.

But I’ve resurfaced with such gifts!!

With stronger friendships with individuals who held me while I was in that space, and who I would not have known cared so much if I hadn’t had shared with them what I was going through.

I’ve now also had clarity on changes I wish to make in my own life and have an even deeper understanding of myself that I didn’t know was possible.


So out of the pit comes the joy and the laughter and the celebration!

And for sure I’ve been through loads of dark times in my life. I’m sure we all have! This has been different though, as I’ve accessed a space so deep within myself that has now given me so much peace and joy and insight.

I may have to journey back into it. And you may too. I just know that if that is the case it’s ok for me to ask for help and it’s safe for me to journey into that darkness while someone else is holding my energy.


Because once we resurface we resurface with gold!!

And this is where I feel our spiritual journey can get confusing as books you may read tell you about “The Law of Attraction” and how you attract what you think and it almost creates a judgement from ourselves or others that if you have shit going on then you really haven’t worked on your shit!

I challenge that!

I think if you are facing your own darkness, your shadow or your past you are courageous and brave and real!

There isn’t any barometer in the universe that measures how much positivity we have or how many mantras we do each day. As far as I’m aware the only barometer there is, if that’s the right word, is how much we have mastered our self!

And by walking the path of self mastery it means mastering the ALL of being human! So mastering the darkness and the light, the joy and the pain, navigating through it all and coming out the other end discovering the lessons and the teachings and the gifts and the shifts into wholeness.

Surely the greater the tests, the harder the darkness is, and that’s a sign that we are embracing and facing the deeper crevices of our soul to master our evolution of this human experience.

Oh what fun it must be to be a brand new shiny soul with no tests or lessons to master!

And what a mad, crazy, laughable and emotional path it is when you’re an old soul having agreed to help birth a new reality of love light and peace on this planet!

It’s not easy! It’s a rollercoaster and sometimes a shit storm!! But we agreed it! We signed up for it in our souls contract! What were we thinking?!!

So we are here on this planet having this mad human experience and we are navigating through the joy and the pain and doing as best as we can on our path of Self Mastery.

Infinite beings of love

We are kind and loving, we are honest and we are healers.

And we want the world to be a better place for the greater good of All.

And it’s simple really… we just need to be US … the real US… no bullshit, no pretending we are happy when we are sad, no hiding our awesome magnificent shiny butts anymore! We just need to be US, the real truthful awesome US! And when life is tough, be honest and ask for help, confide in someone, have some healing treatments, follow up with self healings, rest, meditate, do what makes you happy. And when the storm has passed celebrate life again! In all her glory! Laugh, dance , have adventures , eat cake and have as much fun as you can!!

And most of all know that we are ALL freakin awesome! Brave, courageous, heart centered, shiny souls who are now healers and empaths, and light workers, from all different places of time and space, of different dimensions and realities and we are all here for one reason and one reason only … TO EXPERIENCE… and from experiencing all that there is in this ridiculous hilarious human form we will enrich our soul and we can enrich other souls too!

Now how freakin’ awesome are we!!

We are just walking miracles really!

So I bow to you being miraculous and amazing and I thank you for your bravery in being here at this pivotal time on this planets evolution.

Know you’re amazing and you’re loved and you can do and be anything!!




you are amazing