It’s been a while since I’ve felt able to write a blog due to this crazy lockdown and having my own support system totally disappear and so for me I have intentionally created a support network and I’m sure you will have too.

Perhaps we don’t realise how important to our physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health these things are until they go.

Perhaps you have been finding things challenging during lockdown or perhaps you have been a mixture of up and down. I know from speaking to and working with many of the members of my Reiki Healers group (via video call and distance healing) that it’s been tough on some level for everyone and perhaps it’s when we reflect and observe what we have created and what’s gone that we can navigate through why we may be finding things challenging and then heal and process.

Normally, we all have family and friends around us usually to visit, connect with, confide in, hug, laugh, live and learn from each other.

Then we will have our work colleagues, networking groups, suppliers, support systems such as book keepers, accountants, admin support, technology assistance, our managers, our customers/clients, our peers. If you’re self employed or employed, volunteer at a charity or help at a school or club we all have important connections.

Those we connect with, chat with, exchange information or just pleasantries, share ideas, discuss how work or business or charity or club can work and operate effectively and move forward or create income, processes and procedures. We may laugh with these people, ask how each other’s families are, go out for a meal, share a cup of tea and a cake with, have friendships and relationships with them of some degree, they all have a part in our lives.

There are also those in our social life or private life that we also have different connections with on a different level. We may have important nurturing and soothing or uplifting relationships with these people too and the activities that attach to them. We may love going to yoga or meditation classes regularly, or the gym to exercise. We may feel uplifted after going to visit our hairdresser, or beauty therapist. We may have soul soothing connections to our healer, counsellor, massage therapist, chiropractor, or any other complementary therapist, our life coach, or mentor, we may also strong bonds with our child minders or dog walkers as well as our closest friends, family members, and partners.

We may also find spiritual, mental and emotional support and comfort from going to a church or temple or a spiritual group and connecting to like minded people, praying or creating positive energy.

Basically we will have many people we know we can confide in and feel safe with and can offload to, be ourselves, say wild things and not be ridiculed or judged, laugh with, share or create food with, discuss mind expanding topics with, or share our inner most fears with, discuss our ongoing evolution with, all these people are really important to us.

So when an unprecedented act occurs and we are told we cannot see ANY of those individuals …. and there’s a lot …. we cannot see, work with, hug or connect with it’s BOUND to have an effect on us mentally and emotionally … and spiritually too!

I know there are some people who have been going to work and when speaking to these folk they all have a common denominator, they are grateful for the stability financially this has given them but also mentally as it provides an order to their lives, a reason to get up in the morning!

However they are still like the rest of us and haven’t been allowed to pop to see their best mate or their Mom, or healer, book keeper, hairdresser, go and pray or see and hug their other favourite humans.

So when we step back and reflect on what’s happening on a spiritual level we have almost had our entire physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual support systems taken from us!

No wonder people are all over the place ….. surely that’s inevitable!

We are not robots!

We are living breathing humans and we probably didn’t realise how important CONNECTIONS are to us! Now we know they are massively important!

I observe people displaying the side effects of this enforced isolation in different ways, it can come out in tears or anger, feeling sad, lost, overwhelmed, or fearful, judgmental, furious, short tempered, volatile, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling a failure, feeling exhausted, taking things personally, disliking anyone who doesn’t think the same as them, loosing their sense of humour and their mind!

For me the most important thing for all of us to do is STOP!

Simply STOP!

STOP going down into that spiral of hopelessness or fear or anger or exhaustion etc

Then RETREAT from EVERYTHING that isn’t serving us!

Be it stop watching the TV or buying newspapers or being on social media, or stop talking to others that are also in a spiral of going down hill (only temporary until you regain your energy)

Basically just stop all of it and get off that crazy bus!


So don’t answer your phone, don’t look at Facebook, just create your OWN cocooning soul soothing world of loveliness in what ever way that serves you!

So go take that Epsom salt bath, light some candles, take a cold drink in a wine glass with you, put music on and just bathe & relax.

Cleanse your home with diffusing some Aromatherapy oils such as lavender or rose. Smudge every room in your home. Open the windows and let the fresh air in. Light a candle. Put some soothing music on.
Use the Reiki symbols to cleanse your home too. Especially use the Seiheki symbol which detaches us from emotional and mental cords of energy and say “Please cleanse me (cleanse this room) of all non serving energy for my highest good” as you create it and visualise it working around your energy field disentangling you from all the craziness or see it working through each room individually in your home.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of energy sprays. So much so that I’ve started a new business in March with Emelene called Divine Healing Creations and we are making our own handmade Energy sprays!  They are beautiful Energy sprays with pure essential oils in them plus 6 Bach flower remedies, essences of several crystals plus I’ve blessed them …. obviously … there is one for Cleansing and others too (click here to take a look!).

A Place of Peace

Perhaps think of creating “a place of peace” or call it an altar or a sacred space, a place for Light. This could be in a corner of a room or anywhere that you can access privately….even just a shelf.

Then create something beautiful! Use a lovely cloth to stand things on if you wish and add statues or photos or crystals, some flowers etc all things that make you feel peaceful by looking at them. You could also place positive affirmations or intentions here, an oracle card, a prayer, have your healing book or Reiki box or anything that you know helps you feel empowered, creative, uplifted and peaceful.

Once it’s created you know that each time you feel out of balance you can stop, breathe and go here, connect to this lovely soothing energy and focus your energy and feel that love . I love mine and focus on it every day. And I’m often adding things to it or rearranging it.

Also daily think of doing something that brings you back to centre.

So perhaps do a healing on yourself.
Or have one, via distance at the moment but still so beneficial.
Book into a zoom class for something that you miss such as yoga or meditation or a class you enjoy doing.
Ring and connect to those you miss and have phone conversations instead of text messages …. or video calls (texts are never a great way to communicate on a deep level).
Speak to your colleagues, suppliers, business support etc and check in when they will be reopening … even if just part time … I know after checking in regularly with one of my suppliers for example that they are now reopening just once a week at the moment, working each Wednesday, so I know if I need anything I need to email them by Tuesday.
Think of things that you could do that bring you joy … such as baking a cake, creating a delicious meal, walking your dog, arranging flowers, making jewellery, doing some gardening, sunbathing, reading a book, researching stuff, learning something new ….. and do it … when you feel that you wish to …. none of this enforced high expectation stuff that adds to feeling over whelmed, just when you feel you can.

And finally ALLOW yourself time to adjust and process what’s going on …. all this we are experiencing is huge! It’s bonkers and it’s never happened before so we have no book to read with instructions. All we can do is the best we can do and allow things to settle down, integrate and breathe, rest and restore.

If you feel you want to or need to express yourself of pent up emotions then write a letter to the Universe …. I’m a big advocate of doing that as many of you know …. so much so I’ve just written a short ebook summary with template on my website to spread this awesome technique around! It’s just £7.50.

You can get your copy  HERE!

Intentions List

If you feel you wish to create a new intentions list then do that. So if you’re feeling over whelmed an intention could be:

“I am now feeling calm and safe and know that everything will fall into place within Divine timing”

Basically what ever you’re feeling that you no longer want to feel write the opposite and then either use those intentions within a healing session or place them in your “Place of Peace” your altar, your sacred space and allow them to manifest.

And please know that I truly believe that the Universe is supporting us, God, Goddess, Jesus, whatever you believe in. We ARE being supported in this time of change!

Yes things are strange and weird and frustrating but it’s giving us all a massive opportunity to reflect and reassess what IS important to us so that when things change we can grasp onto those things and treasure them even more!

It’s also giving us time to do things we wouldn’t usually do as mentioned above.

And just look at the weather! My goodness me the sunshine is just gorgeous and healing, soothing and uplifting so thank you Universe for the sunshine!

Be aware of the symbols and signs that the Universe is presenting to us, they are everywhere! We just need to slow down and become aware. We will then feel even more blessed once we see them and interpret them.

Be A Heart Centred Warrior Of The Light

Personally I believe that there are many things happening on this planet right now that many of us aren’t aware of. Things going on to bring about great changes. The Light is shining on so much darkness at the moment to facilitate such big shifts into a better age. Truths are coming out and will continue to come out, people are taking back their power, realising that the media doesn’t have our best interests in mind, people are understanding what is important in life and what isn’t, kindness has made a comeback, nature is flourishing and everyone has a huge opportunity to look at themselves and decide how they wish to change or evolve and grow and then contribute to their own ripple effect in this world.

I’ve been doing this metaphysical work since 2001 and even though we all continue to work on ourselves, to grow and heal and be even more in our hearts,

I know I’ve had a dramatic shift in my own energy since March this year. In ways I never thought possible. I’m so much more aware of the illusion that we are presented with in this reality and have been disentangling myself from it more than ever. I feel empowered and ready to fly!

And I’m trusting that the positive ripple effect of my own energy will be an even greater force for good now …. what was I saying last week? Oh yes that we are “Heart centred warriors of the Light” I love that new term! Let’s all be Heart centred warriors of the Light and unite to help this world be an even brighter shinier place to coexist with all the beautiful souls on our planet.

Love always
Susie xxx

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