So … 2020….. the year when we step into truth! Truth of who we are and truth of … well everything really.

When the truth surfaces it’s not always easy is it? Sometimes it’s difficult to look at, to hear, see, sense or process. But we can process the truth and it will lead us to a newer brighter more fulfilling existence. We just need to travel a potentially bumpy road to get there.

There are lots of truths coming out about lots of things right now, isn’t there? Things that happen that most folk aren’t aware of. Such as that slave labour still exists, people are homeless, animal suffering, governments being corrupt and not working for the greater good of all and many more I won’t go into.

I even read an interesting and sad article yesterday about Australia and how water has been dammed and sold off plus fracking of the land. All by the “leaders” of the country. None of these practices are natural and I’m sure Mother Earth will have been so damaged by these human practices. It’s heartbreaking that the consequences of these unnatural actions …. all fuelled by money, greed, profit and ego have had catastrophic affects on the country.

It’s time for change for sure. And when these truths come out we can all take action to create a better world.

I truly believe this is the year of change to get to a brighter place!

And for us all personally to shift and change and grow so that we are where we are meant to be so that we can be who we truly are.

However to get there like I said sometimes we need to learn about the tough stuff so we can make a decision if we want to give our energy to it and contribute to the perpetual cycle of suffering? Or to help to birth a new reality?

One thing we can all do is to face the darkness! Face it within ourselves and clear and heal ourselves of non serving energy. Things such as fear, judgement, racism, homophobia, nastiness, patronising behaviours, feigning goodness, superiority complex, wanting to control and dominate, and many other patronising behaviours that are based within the lower self, the ego and the shadow.

This is why the world is in so much chaos! Because it’s a quantum physics reflection of the human psyche!

Human consciousness is pretty low when you really look at it. 

So many people are within their minds, their ego, shadow, darkness and fear.

As a wise man once said “Fear turns to hate and hate is the path of the dark side” (Yoda – Star Wars)

So if WE are brave enough and courageous enough to face OUR fears, our shadow, ego and darkness and shine light on it and heal it then WE will NOT be contributing to the low vibrational energy of the planet.

And instead WE will be helping to lift the vibration up!

This is one reason why I continue to teach healing and self mastery as I’ve always been committed to helping the planet and helping people to become empowered, to claim their power, heal, evolve, grow and shine bright. To help themselves, help others and our planet too.

And changes are coming for me too and yet I will still be working “in service” as I know our planet needs us all …. and more than ever in 2020.

Within my Reiki Masters course we talk a lot about ego and shadow and how to heal it and for now I would simply say that to intentionally work from the heart is the way forward and to become our own observer of our behaviour too is key.

Why do we speak a certain way about ourselves or others?

Is that from a place of love and the heart or a place of fear and the mind/ego?

For example someone tells you about a wonderful new project they are creating…. observe whether you can be fully present, open your heart and listen and be genuinely happy and pleased for them (heart and love energy) … or whether while they are talking you are not present at all you are instead in the future thinking of your own projects and how you want yours to be better and that you would rather theirs didn’t succeed as that’s competition for you… which is all fear, and ego based behaviour.

There is enough for everyone!

There are 66 million people in the UK and billions of people around the world so there really are enough opportunities for everyone to create wealth and abundance.

And when these thoughts and behaviours come up this does NOT mean you’re a bad person!

This just means that you are now aware of that behaviour … which is great … so you can now start consciously working on healing it … and identify where it originates … so you can possibly do some energy work back in time to heal it … and ultimately release yourself from the cause and the non serving pattern of behaviour.

Once you’re free from that behaviour then you will fall deeper into your heart and your vibration will rise!

Which will in turn have a ripple effect on everything around you, there will be more peace and joy and synchronicity will step up, your intentions and manifesting will be even better and you will be so much happier and calmer, healthier and happier!

How beneficial is that!

We are all a work in progress so be gentle with yourself throughout this process. Things can continue to come up and it’s just a matter of taking a note of it in your journal to work on and dedicating some time to do the energy work.

We are all energy and vibration so the more we aware, refine, clear, process and heal the more we will shine and empower our own lives, be happier, healthier and peaceful and shine a light on our planet.

I’ve also been thinking of other ways … as well as healing …. that can help the world become a better place and I feel there are lots of things that can be done!

I’ve become even more aware of what I give my energy to especially with what I buy with my money and I’m now looking at disconnecting my from non serving low frequency energy as I really want to help our planet shift.

So I’m withdrawing from buying stuff on Amazon to start with. For so many reasons. The packaging is just obscene. And the CEO is now the richest man on the planet? $121 billion fortune!

I’m also withdrawing as much as possible from supermarkets who treat their workers badly and also treat their suppliers badly too (Waitrose are pretty ethical and the Co-op too) and also shops such as Poundland or Primark as again they are involved in such cheap products we surely need to think of who is producing these items and what they are being paid and how they are being treated. And it seems a lot of their products are made in under privileged countries . Plus their stuff is so cheap that a lot of it ends up in landfill quickly as it’s not long lasting.

So instead of giving my energy to this low energy I’m switching to buying from small shops and businesses, friends , colleagues and farmers markets, growing some food and baking my own food too.

All this has much higher energy and is helping to create a community of light and love and a world where people are paid good money (energy) for their goods and services. Which means we can actually help people rise out of poverty too.

We have so much power with what we spend and how we spend our money!

Time to take our power back methinks. 

I don’t want my energy and money to help a billionaire have even more money instead I want to help a family earn good money to have a good life be they self employed or employed.

There’s always enough for everyone! And I feel that the “old ways” the patriarchal system, the old boy net work, the greed and the suffering and ultimately the ego, shadow and darkness is about to come toppling down as more and more truth comes to the surface and WE decide not to play by those rules anymore.

And instead the Divine Feminine will rise, the mother, the matriarch, the goddess, showing that there is plenty for all, and as long as we all work together and help each other, as communities, with kindness and love, with nurturing compassion gentleness understanding and more love that the world can and will be wonderful.

We just need to get there

And we all have our role to play in that.

So whether you are working on healing yourself, shopping from a local community shop, drinking coffee at a little independent cafe, smiling at a stranger, or donating money to a worthwhile cause then you’re shining your Light.

No matter how challenging things can appear … we are so important and so pivotal in creating light love healing and peace.


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