I’m a spiritual teacher, healer and mentor and I work with people and animals from all around the world.

I love helping others to connect to their hearts more, to discover their inner power and to have happier more fulfilling lives in a variety of ways either through teaching, mentoring or healing work.

I am passionate about seeing shifts take place where stress, hopelessness and suffering can be replaced by peacefulness, freedom and joy!

Empowerment, kindness and upliftment is always my intention.

When I’m not working I run a lovely horse sanctuary that I created in 2008 (The Healing Horse Sanctuary) helping beautiful horses and ponies to heal, evolve and grow. And we currently have 21 wonderful residents who bring joy and healing to humans that they meet. And I am assisted beautifully by a team of lovely heart centred humans and my gorgeous rescued dogs who are awesome horse whisperers!

I am also an Animal Communicator so I combine that into my charity work as well as my paid work with clients.

When I am not working or saving the world, I love spending quality time with my family, friends and animals, either laughing, relaxing, eating lovely food, or having fun.

Life is meant to be a celebration and when we have times when it feels like there is nothing to celebrate we always benefit from asking for help from someone we can trust. Someone who will be confidential, without ego and who we can trust to listen with kindness and intuitively know how to help.

Your heart will always guide you to the right person to help you and if you have been guided to me then I am truly grateful.


Love always

Susie xxx

Did You Know?

I am also a founding partner in a beautiful business called Divine Healing Creations??  Find out more HERE, and not only that, I am also the founder of The Healing Horse Sanctuary!

Susie’s Blog…

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You Are Amazing

From working with lovely folk it seems that many of you are having past lives come to the surface. These are to be released, let go of, healed and our soul fragments returned to us. This current lockdown has been triggering many of you who have had having past lives...

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Keeping Connected

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Susie is just angelic & fabulous.

Great knowledge & experience with a deep inner knowing. I would recommend anyone starting out on their path of self healing & discovery to do Reiki degree with Susie Phenomenal. Amazing Weekend had just Love & Light.


Ive been doing my 6 week Intuition course with this Amazing lady and she is totally Awesome! The skills Susie has been teaching us are out of this world. She always makes learning new things fun and enjoyable! I love all the courses i do with Susie and it’s thanks to her that im achieving things i never knew were possible. Thank you so much xxx Lois

Where do I start with this beautiful soul. I have had many one to one healing sessions with Susie and would absolutely recommend this incredible gifted healer for either yourself or your animal friend. As Susie can communicate with all species her healing gifts can be communicated and understood from everyone’s perspective. Susie supports you on every level so you feel safe, protected and cared for. Susie gives so much love and respect to everyone which enables healing to flow. I recently attended Susies Reiki 1 first degree course which I recommend anyone on a path of self healing and self discovery would benefit from. The way Susie teaches is so authentic and Lion hearted in every way, sharing her gifts, knowledge and encouraging each individual in a loving respectful way. I will definitely be continuing studying with this incredible woman and my wonderful group that day such a collection of beautiful souls.

No matter how busy this woman is she always finds time to respond, reach out and support everyone. It’s a huge honour to be connected with you Susie and thank you for all you do for humanity and our incredible Animal Kingdom, the planet is a much better place for having you here supporting in every way in all you do much love and light angel X🦄🙏
PS forgot to mention the cake! Delicious