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Empowerment Cards from Susie Gessey

Intentions by Susie

Created straight from Susie's heart to use as part of your self healing practice, meditations, in your journaling... so many uses! 

Daily Guidance

Pick a card at random and repeat the intention either out loud or privately in your thoughts each day.

Created and printed in the UK

These cards have been created here in the UK in alignment with Susie's life spent helping to alleviate suffering and bring in hope, healing, joy and peace.

Thank you for looking at my  Empowerment Cards.

They have been created after many years of working with wonderful clients who often wanted “intentions” to work with during their healing or coaching sessions with me.

These intentions would be the basis for the healing session and some people would also take them home to either use within their own self healing practice, meditation sessions or simply say them either out loud or privately in their thoughts daily.

All of these help the Universe to receive the message of what it is we want to achieve in our lives AND our subconscious mind is easily reprogrammed in the process too.

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So many lovely people are unhappy with their job, their health, finances etc but keep repeating the same phrases (of being unhappy, broke, poorly etc) so this is what the Universe and the subconscious mind hears. 

Many of our non serving programmes, thoughts and beliefs are stored in our sub conscious minds and are continually running. These come from our childhoods, our past experiences plus cultural and society conditioning that we will have outgrown 

Some of these can prevent us from being our true amazing selves. 


"I am learning to be a loving and caring friend to myself"

It is my firm belief that we are meant to be truly amazing! Happy, loving, loved, healthy, nurtured, abundant, creative, supported and supportive human beings! Who work in harmony with our own bodies, with Mother Earth and with the universe.

So when we use the intentions within these Empowerment cards its a lovely simple way of helping you replace those outdated programmes with some brand new, fresh and shiny ones! And to let the universe know what it is you want to bring into your life in the process!

There are 52 powerful intentions for you to use within this Empowerment card deck for you to bring about wonderful changes in your life in such a simple and yet profound way.

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  • Susie Gessey

    “I had a very special healing session which has given me an enormous amount of comfort and a sense of peace and lightness. Thanks so much Susie. Would absolutely recommend.”

  • Susie Gessey

    “Susie is simply amazing. I’ve seen her three times now for healings and I always come away feeling so lifted and positive.
    She’s incredibly caring and has a real gift. Such a beautiful experience”

  • Susie Gessey

    “Having a healing session with Susie is like stepping into a warm bath of pure loving kindness. A beautiful non-judgemental space where you can receive healing in whichever form is meant for you, bringing insight and rejuvenation for your next steps forward. Highly recommended!”

  • Susie Simplero Card image (1) Empowerment Cards GBP 28.95

    “I've been choosing a card at the start of each week to focus on and I'm really enjoying this week's one!”

  • Susie Gessey

    “Goodness me Susie your Empowerment cards are incredible! Just holding the box I feel calmer. Love the colours! Love the intentions! Love the energy! Thank you!”

  • Susie Simplero Card image (1) Empowerment Cards GBP 28.95

    “Susie I wanted you to know I’m using your Empowerment cards daily. They give me such comfort and they help me so much . I can hear your voice saying them and it makes me feel so supported. Thank you for creating them”

  • Susie Simplero Card image (1) Empowerment Cards GBP 28.95

    “Susie I’m loving your Empowerment cards! They have helped me get through a really rough patch. And I’ve slept with my favourite one under my pillow and I’m sure the energy from it helped me sleep! Thanks so much they are amazing”

  • Susie Gessey

    “Susie I bought your Empowerment cards for my daughter to celebrate the birth of her daughter (my grand daughter) I wanted to gift her something special and unique on the birth of her child and I couldn’t think of a better gift than these. Thank you she loves them xx”

How To Use Your Empowerment Cards

It’s simple!

It’s a lovely idea to be quiet when you work with these cards.

So -;

  • Mobile phone, computer, and TV etc off 
  • Find a quiet place to relax 
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a lovely deep breath in and out 
  • Place your Empowerment cards over your heart
  • Another lovely deep breath, in and out
  • Send some Love and gratitude 
  • into your cards 
  • Then either pull out a card you feel you are drawn to 
  • Or shuffle them first and choose a card
  • Or simply go through the pack and find the one you want to work with if you know what you want to focus on
  • Then say this empowering intention several times throughout the day, either in your thoughts or out loud, whichever you’re more comfortable with 
  • Carry it with you 
  • Keep looking at it
  • Feel comforted by it, or uplifted, supported, excited, content, confident, loved, protected etc 
  • Place it next to your bed while you sleep, or under your pillow
  • Continue to use it until you feel you are in alignment with it. So it becomes part of you, and your thought process. You have shifted the old thought process or programme and replaced it with this beautiful empowering one!

For those that know me will know that I can’t bear suffering! 

Not for humans, animals, Mother Earth and more. I spend my life helping to alleviate suffering and bring in hope, healing, joy and peace 

This extends to all aspects of my life and I intentionally am mindful what I give my energy to, even where I shop, who I bank with and where things come from and how those people, and Mother Earth is treated in the process.

So when I came to create these cards I wanted to work with a heart centred graphic designer in the U.K. hence Vicki Nicolson was my choice. Plus I did not want my cards manufactured by either machines or robots or poorly paid workers in China or other countries that churns out cheap stuff. That energy isn’t for me. So I chose a small U.K. printing company that wasn’t cheap but was efficient and committed to top quality work and they came highly recommended. I’ve been delighted with the partnerships I’ve had and the energy that’s been created from them.

It’s all about energy after all.

I trust you enjoy working with these Empowerment cards and they help you navigate through the challenging stuff in life as well as help you manifest loads of wonderful things too!

You are amazing and powerful! Remember that!

Sending so much Love to you

Susie x

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