Reiki Retreat Day

2nd October 2022

Come join us for an amazing day immersed in gorgeous energy!

Open to ALL who have taken ANY level of Reiki healing.

The theme will be “I am supported during times of change” 

I will share some powerful intentions with you that I will prepare for our healing treatments on each other.

We will look at -;

  1. clearing
  2. disconnecting
  3. restoring 
  4. healing 

As well as working on the Earth star chakra (so we can be REALLY grounded).

And reinforce our Soul star chakra (so we can channel MORE energy and be open to receive guidance from higher sources).

I was going to run this for Reiki masters only but I’m feeling everyone needs support so let’s do it this way instead!

In yoga you often are given different levels to work with your postures so basic, intermediate and advanced.

I can do the same on the retreat day and give exercises for those who have done Reiki one, Second degree and Masters.

So we can include all the invocations and intentions and then introduce Reiki 2 symbols for those who have done Second degree and Master Symbol for the Reiki masters 

That way we all practice and raise our skills and confidence! 

And meet lovely like minded folk, feel supported, nurtured and give and receive healing!

How lovely!

You in?


Sunday 2nd October


10am - 4pm/4:30pm


Hopwood village hall 

Birmingham Road 



B48 7AL

Just £55 (with the option to pay in 2 instalments if you book quickly)

Reiki Retreat Day
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