Infinite Angelic Energy Healing - Module 3

18th & 19th November 2023


I have taught this a few times to a select few healers over the last few years and received amazing feedback! Folk saying that their healing sessions and experiences have COMPLETELY changed with the new techniques and teachings!

So now I’m offering to teach it in person to small groups of healers who FEEL drawn to embarking on something new!

What are these courses? 

  1. Channelled information collated over the last 15 years in my meditations
  2. Working with 5th dimensional energy that allows us to access our true expression of Infinite potential in limitless ways
  3. Receiving empowerment to help us expand our awareness, our consciousness, evolve and heal
  4. Connecting to a team of Angelic Light beings and other high frequency beings who will support, guide and empower us with our healing work and in every day life with their energy plus new ways of working with healing energy 
Infinite Angelic Energy Healing (2)