Healing For Homes Workshop

Sunday 19th February 2023

Healing for Homes 

Are you a Reiki Practitioner? Or an energy worker?

Would you love to learn new techniques and ways to shift and transform the energy of your home?

Create a secure, safe and sacred space? 

So you, your family and animals can relax, be happy, healthy and peaceful? 

And learn how to easily clear your home with new techniques? 

And protect your home with new techniques?

So that YOU create the energy you want in your home? 

And even be able to offer this as a service to your clients?

Well join me on this wonderful day of of working with gorgeous high frequency angelic energy, to clear, shift, and transform the energy in your home to reclaim your space as a sacred space. So that peace, love, healing and protection reign supreme in your home from now on! 

I have been helping clients with the energy of their homes, work spaces, even stables and animal shelters since 2004 and am continually evolving and learning myself, (through meditation and channelling) so I’m passing on some of this knowledge with this workshop. 

The venue is:

Natural health centre 

86 The Green 

Kings Norton


B38 8RS


Sunday 19th February 2023


 10am till 4pm

A knowledge of energy work is recommended for this workshop however if in doubt please contact me to discuss. 

I will be introducing new concepts to support you of how to heal your home so that you, your family and animals can be more relaxed and healthy in your own space! 

Any questions please contact me and ask 

Love Susie xx

Healing for Homes Workshop