Reiki First Degree

Would you like to learn how to be less stressed?
Be more calm and relaxed?
Take back control of your life?
Be more happy and confident?
To be centred and learn how to give yourself healing?
And give healing to your family, friends and your animals?

If you do then my Reiki First Degree weekend course is for you!

On this 2 day course you learn all the above and more.

It’s a wonderful experience and can enhance all areas of your life and help you to change, heal and grow.

I only teach small classes of 8 so please book ASAP as my other Reiki first Degree classes always sell out quickly.

Cost is £225. 

We are currently working hard to schedule in our next class. Please stay tuned!


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Susie is an excellent teacher and mentor and works truly from her heart and never her ego … every course she runs is just beautiful, wonderful and enlightening …. I’ve have completed all my Reiki courses with Susie and if you thought they were brilliant wait till you do the Infinite Energy Healing … it will blow your socks off … I’d advise anyone to learn from Susie and go on her courses especially if you want to improve on your own healing abilities, working from your heart, helping others with love and kindness, being in your own truth and not working from ego. Everyone go for it, make the world a better place. Jill

What can I say AMAZING!!! I did my level one reiki with this beautiful soul and I can not thank her enough for an amazing weekend. I met some special people and the knowledge and spiritual strength I have gained and grown truly the best angel sent teacher.
Thank you xxxx