Have you taken Reiki first Degree?

Do you wish to learn more healing techniques?

Do you wish to learn how to heal your past and be free from emotional and mental baggage so you can live in the present moment and manifest!!

Do you wish to learn how to do distance healing so you can send healing energy to others geographically and don’t always need to be with other people or animals to help them?

Do you want to learn more techniques on how to cleanse yourself of energy and how to protect yourself from energy too!

If you wish to learn these magical things then my 2 day Reiki second degree course is for you!

I will teach you all the information from my lineage and also other information I have gathered during my 17 years of working with healing energy!


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Would you would like to be part of a like minded community of healers?
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I have completed my Reiki 1, 2, Masters and Animal communication with the glorious Susie 💖 I really cannot recommend her enough. Over the past 4 years I have been on an incredible journey and it’s one that I have Susie and my magical horse Pip 🦄(who told Susie I had to do reiki in her first ever session) to thank for!

Words cannot describe or do Susie’s abilities justice. Not only will you learn to perform magic, meet extraordinary people, make connections, search your soul and discover talents you never knew you had or worse doubted you did…you will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
The most unbelievable part of it all is the love, support and guidance you will receive from Susie from day 1 of your journey onwards.
Regardless of the course you are on, you will find that you learn in the kindest and most joyful way, without judgement and in a space that is safe for you to share and always be yourself in. For me being on a course, workshop or having a healing session with Susie is like coming home 🙏

I will never be able to fully express my love and gratitude to Susie for all of her ongoing teachings, wisdom and purity of heart, love and joy. What ever element you are interested in, please get in touch with Susie. I wholeheartedly recommend ANY course or workshop that you come across and I absolutely guarantee that it will be the best thing you do. It will change your life


I have nothing but the highest admiration for the gifts that Susie has in this field of work. I have had the pleasure of studying Reiki with her, a path which has completely changed my outlook in life. I had the enormous pleasure of attending the Animal communication course last weekend which to say was amazing would be an understatement. The passion that Susie has for anything connected to the animal world is inspirational both in her drive and determination to improve the welfare of these beautiful creature with whom we are so lucky to be sharing this earth with. The course was extremely informative, thorough and inspirational. It opens you up to a world of deeper insight into how we can be of valuable service to animals of all species. You will be guided each step of the way and she provides comprehensive step by step written content for you take home. I highly recommend all the spiritual services/workshops that Susie’s provides and would encourage anyone interested in any aspect of her work to take the opportunity to experience her amazing gifts first hand Sue