I have a few questions for you…

Are we losing our faith?

Have we forgotten how powerful we are?

Are we allowing someone else to take our energy? Or our joy? Or our magic? Or our power?

Have we forgotten we are walking, talking miracles?

Do we need to remember we live in an infinite loving Universe?

Do we need to reconnect to our own Divinity?

Or to Love, the Universe, Angels, God, Jesus or whatever you believe in?


I ask these questions because I’m observing that we are currently living in a world of mass fear, panic, stress, overwhelm, chaos, lack of hope and sadness, depression and despair.

I acknowledge the world we live in has never been equitable …. there have always been those in poverty, those starving, those with no hope. And there has always been those wanting to help those who were experiencing that.

However now, only recently, things seem to have taken a quantum leap where the whole world seems to be going through a fear epidemic!

I ask you what has changed in your personal reality?

Are you still able to walk and talk and see and hear things?

If the answer is yes then that’s wonderful! As you can still participate in this beautiful
stunning world we live in.

You can still see the beauty of trees and flowers, butterflies, mountains and all things beautiful.
You can still hear the birds singing, the rivers and tides making there soothing noise as they move, your favourite music to uplift your soul and the sound of laughter to ignite your joy.
You can still have conversations with your favourite people, talk through your concerns, share your secrets and creative ideas, share funny stories or treasured memories.
You can still walk in nature, go and connect with the great outdoors and Mother Earth, take your dog walking, your children biking, your family hiking or any adventure. You can still stroll to go see a friend or to a cake shop, or any shop and treat yourself.


You see there are so many things we are being told we can not do or we need to frightened to do them and yet there are many things that we can do! And do them without fear!

And one of the best things we can do is to connect with ourselves and remember how miraculous we are!

We are all a walking talking seeing hearing feeling thinking miracle!

Do you appreciate how miraculous your body is? How it breathes, how it moves, how it digests food, how it sees and speaks? Or do you just take it for granted?

If we stop and consider how incredible each and every part of our body is we may be more in awe of ourselves and we make invest more time taking care of ourselves.

And in turn we will be more grounded, feel more powerful and be more in awe of ourselves, and our infinite power.

We may realise the power of speaking kindly and lovingly to ourselves, to our body and our mind, to give gratitude and love daily as we are walking talking magical miraculous beings!!

We really are!



Have we allowed others to tell us we are not walking talking miracles?

Have we allowed manipulation, doubt, worry, control and fear to step in and rob us of our inherent magic and natural miraculous way of being.

Whatever our personal religious or spiritual beliefs we know that we were created by an infinite source of love. We were created to adapt, heal, regenerate, recover, and perform miracles daily!

You only have to study the brain to know that what it does to send signals to your body to get it to move or blink or speak or climb a mountain is a miracle in itself!


So why are we doubting our own miraculous regenerative powerful mighty self?

Are we giving our power away to an external source?

Have we gone into the stillness and asked our heart or our higher self or the Universe or our God or whatever resonates … if we have suddenly lost our miraculous self?

Have we asked if it will serve us to get involved with fear, manipulation, worry, stress, overwhelm and control?

Have we asked our hearts if we are still powerful? Do we still have the power to be joyful, creative, inspired, thoughtful, kind, patient, loving, tolerant, happy?

Or has someone crept up on us and taken all of that from us ? Or have we just given it away? Or are we getting caught up in the collective fear like a tidal wave that doesn’t serve us?

These are all very powerful things to consider and when we do we have a choice to STOP
Let’s stop and connect to our hearts … do it daily …. seriously take a moment each day to be quiet, no outside distractions, place your hand on your heart and perhaps say..

“I am here
I am listening
I love you
I am now connecting to my heart energy and to my inner power, wisdom and joy.
I promise to take care of you more.
I will listen to what you communicate and act upon it.
I will honour my own power.
I love you
I will always love you”

And see where that takes you.

I feel it will take you on an inner journey of Love and empowerment, of healing and remembering who you are and reclaiming your faith.

It’s so empowering when we STOP
Be quiet
Turn off all external noise
Go inwards
Connect to our heart
And listen
Just listen
Send love to ourselves
Love to our heart and our body and our mind
Ask what we need
Ground ourselves
Feel our immense power
Feel the divinity within us
Sense the infinite healing energy flowing through our cells
Know we are a miracle
Seek our own guidance and wisdom
Feel the Universe, or angels or God within us
We are part of the vast infinite energy of Love
We are amazing
We are a miracle
Breathe that in!


Now go be a walking talking miracle!

And let’s no longer give our power away, or allow it to be taken.

Let’s keep centred and keep vibrating all that Love, Light, Power, Wisdom and Joy!

You can do this!
You can do anything!
You are part of the Universe!

Now go and shine!

Susie xx

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