So here we are still facing challenges…. still looking after ourselves and trying to navigate through this crazy world we are currently living in…. that seems to be getting crazier!

So what can we do to navigate through all these challenges…

But what things can we use from our spiritual tool kit to assist?


These are all key for us to keep our Centre… our energy… our power… our own inner guidance… know the truth… and stay calm.

So let’s look at these things closer…

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We are wise to disconnect or retreat from low frequency energies.

Low frequency energies are everywhere and often we do not realise how they affect us mentally and emotionally or physically and spiritually!

These include mainstream newspapers, trash TV, gossip magazines, too much social media.
People that spread gossip and are judgemental, draining and toxic.
Environments that cause us distress , anxiety or illness.
Relationships that cause us anguish, sadness, low self esteem or pain.
Food or drink that have low energy, such as chemicals, suffering, death, violence and makes us ill.
Jobs that make us anxious or decrease our confidence or do not bring us joy.
Chemicals that cause us harm or creates illness be it in foods, drinks, household products, toiletries, make up, air freshers, etc

I totally appreciate that there may be some family or work relationships that we may not be able to disconnect from or feel appropriate to disconnect from so stepping back, retreating and managing them is equally as effective and wise.

We can use our Reiki symbols to disconnect from non serving energies also. The Emotional and Mental healing symbol (activated by the Power symbol) is ideal with an intention …. Create both of them in front of you and then set an intention such as … “I am now disconnected from all non serving energies relating to ……” and state the situation or individual

These symbols disconnect the cords that bind us and we are FREE!

Most important to do this just before we go to bed at night so we are free to sleep without other folks energies.

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Then use the Power symbol … or the sieve ….to cleanse your Energy field … create it and set an intention …”please cleanse me of all non serving energy for my highest good”

Bring it up through your energy field and send back to the light.

We can also use a smudge stick if we wish or an energy spray to cleanse our energy …. play  beautiful gentle healing music … use tingshaws or singing bowls to clear the energy with sound … have an Epsom salt bath … pop in your bath or diffuse pure essential oils such as frankincense or lavender.

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This is probably one of the most under utilised of our spiritual tools! And yet essential.
Grounding ourselves helps to keep us strong, centred and stops us becoming over whelmed or poorly.

We can use the reverse Power Symbol … so create it right to left ,,, top to bottom … then clockwise … after saying it’s mantra 3 times either place it in your crown and bring it down through your system … or place it on the floor and then step into it…. “please ground me for my highest good”

Yay! We will feel calm and relaxed SO quickly!

We also need to eat healthy foods … potatoes are essential for me to ground … and if you have read The medical mediums book “Life Changing Foods” you will know that he talks about potatoes energy helps us feel emotionally supported, strong and they represent being part of a community … as that’s how they grow .. how lovely is that!

Also consider taking Oak Bach flower remedy with Elm …… a great grounding combination.

Wear some smokey quartz crystal and wear grounding earthy colours such as browns, and dark green.

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Oh yes we all need this!

Call in all of your guides and helpers of 100% light and give them permission to protect you and keep you safe.

Wear protective talismans, symbolic protective jewellery, crystals such as amethyst, lapis, laboradorite, black tourmaline or obsidian.

Wear vibrant colours energetically or physically such as vibrant blue, purple, gold or silver.

Use the Power symbol or Master symbol within your energy field … or the Emotional symbol if we feel you could be triggered …. “Please protect me on all levels of my being today for my highest good” is a great intention to use.

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Again as I mentioned earlier it’s no good using your spiritual tools and then being around or consuming low energy … so give some thought to what energy you interact with and consume on all levels if you wish to be healthy happy calm and safe physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

I do hope that has been of help and support to you.

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