So January has been pretty insane I feel…. goodness me such a lot of curve balls flying around… challenges and tough stuff….. it’s all a test isn’t it to stop, breathe, retreat, go within, ask the universe and our guides plus trusted friends for help and not to panic…. help will be available and we will once again clear, release and let go and rise to a higher level…. learning more about ourselves and choosing again what we do and don’t want to give our energy to… what patterns we want to break… and how we want to heal and move forward.


I’m finding more than ever having “fasts” from social media and the internet in general so beneficial.


I turn my main internet off each night before I sleep… my phone is on aeroplane mode always …none of that low frequency electro magnetic energy for me thanks … and sometimes I don’t switch either on for a whole day… and it’s amazing!


When we retreat from such things we realise how calm life is without them… and that we have uninterrupted time … which is priceless!!


We then have choices of what we wish to do …. we can have a lie in, or get up and read a great book, watch a great DVD, go for a walk, spend quality uninterrupted time with loved ones…. laugh talk discuss important heart centred things… we can create great food, rest and look after ourselves…. we can be uninterrupted to do a meditation, or do an angel card reading for ourselves, we can do some journal work , create a Reiki box, create an altar, create a new intentions list or write a letter to the universe to let go if stuff that’s troubling us and we can do some healing for US!

I often find that when I have internet, Facebook and phone “fasts” … that when I return to them I have a deeper feeling of how non serving they can be… how intrusive… sure I love watching “Heal” on Netflix and I love my iPhone to connect to others… I just become more aware of how we are wise to be their “masters” just like we are with our minds…. so we do not allow technology to over whelm us and cause us stress, and become a slave to it with the constant demands on our time etc instead we pace ourselves and we do what FEELS right for us… which may be just checking in once or twice a day with social media and text messages or emails and not feeling pressured to instantly be replying or on call 24/7.

I live with peace, ease and joy” could be a good affirmation or intention to use.


I now enjoy prioritising my own emotional and mental well being and I feel calmer and more peaceful . I am now able to follow my own inner guidance and do what’s best for me

You could use these intentions within a Reiki self healing paying particular attention to the temple area, throat, heart chakra and tummy area.… and any others you feel drawn to… using the emotional symbol with the power symbol to deepen the experience and the Master symbol if you have it to turbo charge the healing too.

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Susie x