From working with lovely folk it seems that many of you are having past lives come to the surface. These are to be released, let go of, healed and our soul fragments returned to us.

This current lockdown has been triggering many of you who have had having past lives where you have been incarcerated and imprisoned and so many of you are feeling this energy. So if you feel over whelmed or in panic about being indoors all the time please know that a past life may be being triggered.

Injustice is another one! Where we have had past lives where we have experienced injustice. This energy can bring about feelings of anger and we over react.

And I’m removing curses from folk at the moment too! Curses and spells from past lives that are stopping us embracing all that we can be! No more of that nonsense thank you very much only Light and Love and Freedom for us now!

And also lives as spiritual people in communities such as Atlantis or Lemuria or the Essenes where we have lived outside of convention.

For those of you that are unaware the Essenes were a community of healers, herbalists, and non conformists around the time of Jesus. They had no religion and they were all about love. They were sound healers, studied sacred geometry, crystals, herbs, loved animals, energy workers and it’s said that Jesus was part of the Essene community.

There are great books about the Essenes by Dolores Cannon, also Edward Szekely translates scrolls about the prayers of the Essenes, and one of my favourite books ever “The Essenes Children of the Light” by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentice. A book of someone who has past life regression and regresses to a lifetime with Jesus and was part of the Essene community. It’s amazing! I recommend anyone read this who has an interest to the Essenes and Jesus.

I feel and sense that many of us modern day healers were Essenes!

So if we are trying to navigate through this bizarre energy of lockdown AND have past life issues come up what can we do?

Well first is to be aware of it! So if we are feeling sad, stuck, over whelmed etc it may be that we are releasing quite a lot of stuff at the moment! More than we realised.

And be extra kind to yourself as we are all being pretty amazing with what we are dealing with!

Just forget the past life stuff for a minute, just the every day stuff is now completely different to what it was 6 months ago and that takes time to adjust to also . I mean “Popping to the shop for a loaf, back in ten minutes” isn’t a phrase we can say at the moment is it!

So what can we do?

Firstly not panic!
Know that everyone is in the same boat, or a similar one.
Everyone is adjusting and adapting to this change.
Secondly remember you are STILL powerful!!
That hasn’t changed!
You can still do healing on yourself!
You can still write letters to the Universe to let go
You can still write Intentions lists to manifest
You can still clear yourself and disconnect yourself from the non serving draining energy
You can still connect to the Universal Energy of Love and Light and channel beautiful healing energy, even if you haven’t done it for a while, that ability never leaves you you just ask and it flows through you
You can still connect to your guides and helpers of 100% Light, ask them to hold you, protect you, heal you, give you signs and symbols of guidance
You can still shine your Light
You can still create magic
You can still set boundaries
You can still create
You can still spread love
You can still celebrate your uniqueness!
And the list goes on ….. 

Just because someone says there is a virus doesn’t mean to say it robs you of your power, your joy and your ability to be magical ! Unless you allow it to!

I truly believe that what we find ourselves in at the moment is a spiritual, mental and emotional battle! Never in this lifetime have I been asked to step up into my Divine power like this and then FEEL my way through what’s presented and discern discern discern.

Keep away from what everyone else believes and follow my OWN TRUTH and no doubt you will be the same

Surely in past lives we had swords to fight with and went into physical battles to fight for truth and justice!

Now we are haven’t got swords and instead we being asked to keep out of our minds, or perhaps be masters of our minds, and be totally in our hearts and  our power and FEEL our way through this.

It’s a battle of consciousness!

So Let’s NOT give our power away! Let’s not give into fear, or manipulation, or control …. instead let’s keep disconnecting from what we are being bombarded with and tune into the ENERGY of it! And into our Divine power and feel the truth.

Because when we do it’s a game changer!

So what can we do during this time?

Well we can do lots of things! And key things are to do regular self healing treatments or receive healings from someone else.

I sat to write an intention for us and what came through was this …..

See how that feels to you and if you wish to use it in a healing treatment please do.

Use your symbols with it too.

And can I add that I really believe there has been a battle going on for some time now between Light and Dark.
This has been happening in other realms and dimensions and no doubt some of you may have been part of it and battling while you sleep!
I really feel the battle has now been won!
The Light has won!
Love has been reclaimed.
Joy peace abundance and equality will soon be the norm
However in this 3D reality we find ourselves in we are having to process it all.
So we are experiencing the “fall out” as the ego, the shadow and the darkness keeps trying to hold on, try more tactics to hold onto its power.
But it’s pointless.
We have achieved the tipping point and rainbows will soon be with us with all their magic and miracles.
Yes we are in a storm right now as we are navigating through the astral energy and all the crap.
But hold onto your vision.
Know that the caterpillar will soon be the butterfly!
In fact the butterflies have already been birthed etherically!
But we are experiencing that sticky messy cocoon phase.
But it’s all going to be fine.
We will come out of the storm.
It’s imperative we DO NOT buy into the main steam media doom and gloom.
Keep out of it.
Keep out of fear.
Keep disconnecting.
It doesn’t serve our soul.
You are surrounded by LOVE.
Changes are coming and they are huge!
Huge epic and wonderful.
But the ego doesn’t want any changes so will want to fool you that you need to panic and follow the narrative that’s being banded about by someone who thinks they are better than you, more qualified than you and can control your life and your mind.
The choice is yours.
We are all beings of free will.
So choose what you wish.
Be who you wish.
Do what you wish.
And know your immense power!
Because on your own you’re powerful but together once we unite we are more powerful than you can possibly realise.
No more division, it’s Unity all the way!
Unity consciousness.
Happiness abundance love and peace.

It’s a magical time to be on this planet one of the great awakening and the Golden Age.


Susie x

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