Online Course from Susie Gessey

Learn how to Dowse with a Pendulum for happiness, health, healing and Guidance

My online Dowsing with a Pendulum Workshop will talk you through ALL aspects of this process!

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Discover how to with a Pendulum to answer your deepest questions and get an amazing insight in to your health and wellbeing in this new online workshop from me, Susie Gessey, previously only available at in-person events!

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In this Online Workshop, I will show you EVERYTHING I know about Dowsing with a Pendulum, from:

  • Ethics of Dowsing
  • Finding the right answers with your Pendulum
  • Cleansing your space and pendulum
  • Blessing, Connecting and Raising the energy when you Dowse
  • Asking questions and receiving your unique responses
  • Asking questions about your health
  • Journalling to connect with your guides and angels via Dowsing
  • Discovering what therapies will support you
  • Dowsing within a therapy session
  • Putting it all to the test with your new dowsing with a pendulum knowledge!

For The Cost Of £35 You will get:

Access to my Magical Vault

Your online portal for all things Susie Gessey with your own private log ins

12 Powerful Lessons

Made up of videos and written content covering ALL aspects of this process

Private Notes

Space inside the Magical Vault to take your own private notes to refer back to.

New App!

Access all of your lessons on our new app - making it even easier to learn wherever you are! 

Would you LOVE to learn how to Dowse with a Pendulum?

How to be safe. 

Work ethically. 

Connect with ONLY high energies and NOT the sub conscious mind. 

Learn how to receive answers and guidance for help with everyday things. 

AND to have some really amazing insight into your health and well being, such as :

What foods are good for you?

What you may be sensitive to?

Do you need any vitamins or supplements? 

Plus would you LOVE to be able to connect your guides and angels? 

Receive guidance of whether your guardian Angel is male or female?

Which angels protect you? 

What power animals do you have?

Which beautiful deities are with you?

Feel SO uplifted and empowered by connecting this way and recording the information in your journal. You can feel more supported, safe and inspired! 

AND learn how to use the pendulum within a healing session. 

Learn how to balance the chakra system. 

Clear, heal and realign. 

And how to ask for further insight and guidance of the healing treatment.

It’s ALL amazing ! 

"I do card readings professionally now, for other people and I thank Susie for teaching me how to do them years ago. The steps she teaches you show you how to keep safe, work ethically and be confident in the process. I would recommend Susie’s course to anyone, whatever you want to use it for as she’s knowledgable and so thorough in her teachings . Plus she’s genuine, no ego and I just love her!"

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  • Susie Gessey

    Beautiful. My vibrations are lifted daily by what you have brought to my world. Blessings for you and all around you. Beautiful lady