I have taught this a few times to a select few healers over the last few years and received amazing feedback!

Folk saying that their healing sessions and experiences have COMPLETELY changed with the new techniques and teachings!

So now I’m offering to teach it in person to small groups of healers who FEEL drawn to embarking on something new!

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What Are These Courses?

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Channelled information collated over the last 15 years in my meditations

Working with 5th dimensional energy that allows us to access our true expression of Infinite potential in limitless ways

Receiving empowerment to help us expand our awareness, our consciousness, evolve and heal

Connecting to a team of Angelic Light beings and other high frequency beings who will support, guide and empower us with our healing work and in every day life with their energy plus new ways of working with healing energy 

"I only have amazing things to say about this magical experience... if you're considering this, don't hesitate. It's love, light and magic at it's finest. Much gratitude to Susie Gessey for enriching my experience on this dimension"

How Will It Be Taught?

This is a 3 part program, taught over 3 weekend modules spread over a period of a few months.

You can choose to do just the first module on it's own, or add the second and third as you wish.

You do not have to book them all at once, however if you choose to add another module, they must be completed in a consecutive order.


This is an "in person" course, which is held at the Birmingham area

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What Will Each Weekend Course Cover?

Module 1


In Module 1, we focus on:

Creating an Angelic support team and meeting them in meditation.

Connecting to different higher beings of Light for specific experiences and assistance.

Being given a symbol to work with within healing sessions

How to construct a very safe and effective healing space to work from.

Powerful protection techniques.

Clearing energy effectively - no "metaphysical litter".

Lots of practising everything learned!

Module 2


In Module 2, we focus on:

Working with specific Angelic Tools and techniques to empower our healing sessions.

Learning how to clear and remove non serving energies from past lives, other dimensions, artificial intelligence, curses and any unpleasant energies safely and effectively with empowering Angelic support.

How to heal all of the above again with empowering Angelic support, tools and techniques.

Advanced techniques for any situations you feel you would benefit from using.

Some techniques of reclaiming positive and enhancing past life energies.

Module 3


In Module 3, we focus on:

Introducing the Angelic Merkaba and how to work with it for many reasons and uses.

Soul Contracts, Soul Covenants and Soul Missions.

How to go energetically "off the grid".

Introduction to specific Arch Angels of Light and higher beings who assist the soul in evolution.

The soul's safe journey off the reincarnation wheel and instead into a free will choice of a new stage of evolution.

Becoming incredibly protected and empowered on so many levels!

Who Can Do This Course?

These three modules are for anyone who has taken any type of healing course before, and is confident in their existing modality and ready to do something new - ideally Advance Reiki Practitioners and Energy Workers, but if you're unsure if this course is for you, you can contact Susie HERE

"Susie’s Infinite Energy healing courses were life changing for me. I was already an experienced Reiki master but they have taken my knowledge, tools and techniques to a whole new level . I would recommend anyone takes these courses who wants to advance"

You can choose which course or courses you do AND choose a payment plan that suits you too! 

I’m excited to be teaching these empowering NEW courses! 

Love and infinite angelic Light

Susie xx

"Susie teaches us things we didn't know we needed to learn - her experience and wisdom far beyond her years always takes me by surprise and I have never spent any time with Susie that didn't leave me feeling refreshed, ready and renewed - I always look forward to whatever Susie does next!"