I believe that Stress, Hopelessness and Suffering can be replaced with Peacefulness, Freedom and Joy.

I’m a spiritual teacher, healer and mentor and I work with people and animals from all around the world.

I love helping others to connect to their hearts more, to discover their inner power and to have happier more fulfilling lives in a variety of ways either through teaching, mentoring or healing work.

I am passionate about seeing shifts take place where stress, hopelessness and suffering can be replaced by peacefulness, freedom and joy!

Empowerment, kindness and upliftment is always my intention.

When I am not working or saving the world, I love spending quality time with my family, friends and animals, either laughing, relaxing, eating lovely food, or having fun.

Life is meant to be a celebration and when we have times when it feels like there is nothing to celebrate we always benefit from asking for help from someone we can trust. Someone who will be confidential, without ego and who we can trust to listen with kindness and intuitively know how to help.

Your heart will always guide you to the right person to help you and if you have been guided to me then I am truly grateful.

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I am also a founding partner in a beautiful business called Divine Healing Creations??  And not only that, I am also the founder of The Healing Horse Sanctuary!

The Healing Horse Sanctuary Divine Healing Creations


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More love, Less Bullsh*t

After a really busy 2021, I scaled back my work load to focus on future plans and begin creating the next steps in my 2022 adventures over the Christmas holiday period, but the universe had other pans...

I woke up on the Wednesday before Christmas, the 22nd December, feeling really poorly, and the same the next day too. I presumed it was just a 24 hour virus or something but nope it was some crazy debilitating flu type virus that lasted over 2 weeks!

I missed all of Christmas!

I still have gi…

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Love blog


It’s been a challenging few days with so much shocking and sad events in our world.

I can hardly believe what I’m witnessing unfolding in Afghanistan, with intentional suffering caused to people and animals and blocking of help getting through, all created by the American government. 

I’ve never prayed so much and chatted to the Universe and all the beings of Light asking for help as I have the last few days 

If our world is to change... and it needs to... then perhaps things have to get so extreme…

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Our Part in history blog image

Our Part in History

It’s certainly a rollercoaster of a year isn’t it….. challenges…. miracles…..sadness… joy…. overwhelm…. magic…. confusion…. peace…. and the list goes on!

Never before have we experienced in our life time the gigantic energetic shifts, pulls and transitions that are happening right now….and we are living through this…. we are witnessing history…. we can affect the outcome…. we just need to remember who we are…. Divine eternal sovereign beings of Light! Sure we may be dressed in this human suit f…

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