Summer Solstice Online Workshop

✨How To Work With This Amazing Abundant Energy!✨

Get My Summer Solstice Online Workshop!

I’m so pleased you are here!

So what will you get for this workshop?

You get 11 short videos 

Just over an hour in total 

All bite size chunks

ALL giving you ideas and inspiring things to do so that you have the best summer solstice EVER 

✨Learning what the Summer solstice represents 

✨How to work with this energy 

✨Sunrise and sunset 


✨Honouring ourselves 


✨Getting into nature 

✨Refreshing your space 

✨Letting go

✨Intention setting 

✨Gratitude and supporting nature 

✨Moving forward with the abundance Summer solstice energy! 

All of these simple and yet powerful things you can do to maximise upon this abundant, celebratory, sunshine energy of so much Light!

This course can empower and enrich your life! 

Bringing you more joy, nourishment, hope, trust and a renewal of sunshine zest to springboard you in to the next chapter of this year and your life! 

What a great way to prepare for and celebrate Summer Solstice!

PLUS I’m adding in FREE my ebook on how to write a Letter to the Universe that you can use to support you in the “Letting go” segment of the course 

✨61 minutes of teaching 

✨Simple and powerful things to do 

✨All to empower you to have an even better life

✨AND create magical memories

Are you in?

Summer Solstice Online workshop