Distance Healing

Boost your ability to channel energy and rebalance your Chakras!

Boost your ability to channel energy, and rebalance your Chakras

GBP 75.00

Distance Healing Sessions from 60 - 120 Minutes

Would you like a One to One Reiki Healing Session with Susie?

GBP 60.00

60 - 120 Minute Sessions

Book your spiritual coaching/counselling session with Susie Gessey

GBP 60.00

60 Minute distance healing session with Susie Gessey

We all need support.

Someone to talk things through with.

Especially if we feel afraid or unsure or overwhelmed.

GBP 60.00

Distance Healing 60 Minute Session

Distance Animal Healing And Communication Appointment. 

GBP 60.00

Susie Gessey: Your Spiritual Search Engine

Do you have a question?

Or would you like a short confidential chat about any topic on the spiritual spectrum!

GBP 20.00

For an Extra Boost

Would you love to receive beautiful l, loving, supportive, healing, nurturing and protective healing energy each day for a certain amount of time?

Susie now offers daily distance healing packages for people and animals 

GBP 5.00