On This 2-day course, you will receive the Reiki Second Degree Attunement. 

We will then have a discussion about symbols an how they are all around us, even when you don't notice them. In this discussion, I will bring these symbols in to your awareness and show you how the Universe and our guides are always communicating with us through symbols!

You will also be taught some of the sacred Reiki Symbols that we can use in healing sessions and in our every day lives, including:

The Power Symbol  

How to cleanse energy with it

How to use it to protect you and your loved ones and clients at the end of healing treatments

How to use it in every day life for many things

The Grounding Symbol  

To use if we feel overwhelmed or can't cope with life, or simply a bit dizzy after a healing session.

How to end a healing session with it too for a client.

The Emotion and Mental Healing Symbol  

How to use this within healing treatments to support many situations and illnesses for yourself and others

How to disconnect yourself from other people's "stuff" be it cords, attachments or energy of any sort.

How to protect yourself at a deeper level from other peoples emotions and thought patterns.

The Distance Healing Symbol  

... and how to use all the symbols and in an incredible metaphysical formula to create a bridge of light that you can then connect to another individual (with permission) and send them healing energy geographically while they are in a different location to you.

By the end of this magical course, you will be classed as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner

I will ask you to just practise for 4 weeks and then we have a follow up chat about:

✨How you're feeling

✨How you're finding the energy of the symbols

✨And if you have any questions or need additional support from me.

You will then receive your certificate and if you wish to, you can set up your own healing practise offering treatments to the public, ensuring you have the appropriate insurances etc in place.

I only teach small classes so that I can give the best to all on the course.

In this two day course, I pass on all I was taught between 2001-2001 and all the knowledge I have gained within my healing practise over the last 18 years.

I always create a lovely relaxed nurturing environment to be in, so encourage you to bring slippers and blankets so you are cosy and comfy.

Questions are always welcome 

Lots of opportunities to practice what I’m teaching you during the 2 days too so you become confident in your new found skills.

It’s an amazing weekend journey of learning so much amazing metaphysical knowledge and wisdom to enhance your own life AND be able to enhance the healings you offer to others too, if you wish 

You can reserve a place on the course or set up a payment plan or contact me to chat about it if you wish

Classes are held in person, in the Kings Norton area, and from from 9:30am - 4:30pm/5pm on both days.

It's such a beautiful and empowering weekend!

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What Other Students Say About Second Degree Reiki with Susie:

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  • I highly recommend learning Reiki First Degree with Susie Gessey! The whole experience is life changing and has really helped me personally with any situations that have popped up, and has helped me develop as a person! Susie creates an amazing, safe environment for you to start out on your journey, and I couldn't imagine learning this incredible healing technique through anybody else.


    1st Degree Reiki Student

  • So magical, everyone should learn Reiki First degree. So many tools you can put to every day use. It was life changing for me!!


    1st Degree Reiki Student