Meet Susie

Hi I’m Susie Gessey

People are often asking me how I got into this spiritual malarkey so I thought I would write a bit about it. So here you go …

I started my healing journey back in December 2000 when I was very poorly with an illness that my doctor told me I would have for the rest of my life! I was only 6 and a half stone, had zero energy, was in bed and was utterly miserable with no hope for the future. 

My good friend had just arrived back from India and learned Reiki healing, even though sceptical, I was willing to try anything! And after 3 consecutive daily Reiki healing treatments with him, my body purged itself, I had a huge appetite, loads of energy and felt great! My doctor confirmed my blood tests showed I was completely well and the doctor was baffled. (And the illness has never returned since)

I then went to The Reiki School in Manchester January 2001 and started studying Reiki with Chris Parkes who had an amazing lineage to the founder Mr Usui from 1865! 

Over a period of 3 years I took Reiki first degree, Reiki second degree and Master Practitioner. 
I did an intensive 12 month apprenticeship course of self mastery to work on my past pain, ego and shadow and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2004. 

I became fascinated by everything that wasn’t main stream and that could help enrich and heal my life and that of others too. 

So I studied natural ways the body could heal such as homeopathy, nutrition, and aromatherapy plus how to use Bach flower remedies to heal our emotions.
I learned how our emotions play a huge part on our physical health from the incredible Louise Hay’s teachings and became fascinated by quantum physics, the mind, the power of affirmations and infinite possibility’s that we all have access to. 

I also seemed to have a natural intuitive ability so I attended a spiritual church and a spiritual college too and was helped brilliantly to reawaken my mediumship and clairvoyance skills that I had blocked out as a child as it had frightened me.

This was like reclaiming a huge part of me that I had suppressed. 

I then went on to learn how to dowse with a pendulum, how to do Angel card readings and how to connect to my own guides and angels and would sit for hours with my notepad and pen writing down channelled information. 

I’ve since turned a lot of that channelled writing into my own healing courses “Infinite Angelic Energy Healing” 

By 2006 I was a totally different person! 

Happier, healthier and more loving, compassionate and strong. 

And by accident when giving Reiki to a horse at a rescue centre I was volunteering at I discovered I had a natural ability to communicate with animals. 

This was such a shock to me!
And I needed support to understand what was happening. 
Miraculously the famous Animal communicator Amelia Kinkade was visiting the U.K. so I booked on her courses and developed my confidence and ability with animal communication. I now happily am able to offer this service to animals all around the world. 

I also went to some other incredible empowering workshops and met great people and authors such as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr Brian Weiss, Tony Robbins, Anita Moorjani and Dr Bradley Nelson. 

By 2008 I quit my 9-5 job and started my own business offering healing to people and animals, and teaching a variety of spiritual topics. It’s fascinating as I used to be a trainer and coach in my old life and I’ve easily transferred my skills over to teaching spiritual topics, plus helping and coaching people on their spiritual journey in my new life. 

I have always deeply loved animals and had stopped eating them at the age of 21. I had always rescued animals and lived with 3 lovely rescued woofers! 

In the Summer of 2008 I sort of accidentally started a charity “The Healing Horse Sanctuary” after the horse rescue I volunteered at closed down and I took ex race horse Billy and ex show jumper Daisy with me. My intention was to create a safe and loving place for horses to receive healing and kindness. 

Since then I’ve rescued 35 beautiful horses and ponies. And helped them heal from their trauma or illness with Reiki, good nutrition, Bach flower remedies, herbs and positive affirmations and words! Plus kindness. 

They are now beautifully helping people heal. As I open the sanctuary up for children and adults to visit and book one of our equine experiences. 

I’ve always had a respect for the death process after my best friend died in my arms in 2006 and I saw a powerful and loving golden shining light build up behind her before she died, like a swirling golden vortex. 
I used some of my spiritual teachings and created a loving energy to aid her transition and she died in my arms surrounded in so much love and peace.

So since that experience whenever any of my dogs or my horses at the sanctuary are about to transition I offer them healing energy, play them beautiful music, offer them essential oils and tell them how much I love them. This loving energy I truly believe helps their onward journey to be peaceful. 
And I’ve used spiritual tools to aid my human loved ones too to transition to a higher realm too. 

I also started a joint venture with fellow Reiki Master and Clinical Aromatherapist Emelene Mills in 2020 as there was a lack of ethically sourced items to aid anyone’s spiritual journey - Divine Healing Creations.

We now sell ethical crystals with no child or slave labour, ethical palo santo, so no trees cut down, ethical incense, where workers get paid good money, organic sage, so no nasty chemicals. Plus we hand make lots of beautiful things such as Energy sprays, Shower gels, natural candles, and more, nothings tested on animals and all infused with Reiki energy.

And in 2022 I started a new venture called The Community of Light which is a platform and directory for heart led businesses to showcase what they offer AND for the public to find heart led businesses too.

The world is shifting and I believe we can all help to bring about positive miraculous change! 

We are all SO much more powerful and incredible than most of us realise or have been taught to believe.

I think we are all walking miracles with an innate ability to manifest, heal and do incredible things but currently our world isn’t set up to encourage that in the main stream. 

But it’s changing! And fast! 

And even when things get really tough we can always reach out to support each other. 

So if YOU need any help please take a look around my website to see if you feel I could help you or your animals, or if you wish to be taught by me to empower your life. 

I want to write a book soon.
Or a few. 
As I have so much information to share to help and empower others.

For now I will continue my healing work with people and animals (and my charity work too) as that’s where the Universe is guiding me to be.

I send you love 

And remember you’re amazing

Susie xx

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