I’m Susie. And I first became interested in healing in the year 2000 when I was very poorly with a condition that my doctors couldn’t find a remedy for. So I was told I would have to learn to live with it for the rest of my life!

A good friend had just arrived back from India and had learnt how to channel healing energy. I had never heard of this before and was highly skeptical but as I was so poorly I was willing to give it a go. Miraculously after 3 healing sessions I was completely better and my doctor confirmed my illness had gone!

This catapulted me into wanting to learn this healing technique for myself and go deeper. I found a lovely man within the U.K. who I worked with for 3 years predominately learning traditional Reiki healing plus a 12 month course in self mastery. 

Plus I immersed myself in many teachings that were all about healing, energy, clairvoyance, self mastery and metaphysics.

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During my time on that journey everything was about energy and intention, therefore words. I learnt (and still do) how our energy, intention, thoughts and words can create our reality, and also change it! And how the vibration of words frame our beliefs, our thought pattens, programmes and our reality! We are all vibrational transmitters with a powerful subconscious mind. So if we believe and also feel something we can manifest it into reality by putting out signals to the Universe and allowing our subconscious mind to do the rest

My life has changed dramatically and beautifully since learning all of this sacred and spiritual information . Its been my life’s work to teach and share this information to help others facilitate healing, transformation and become empowered to live the life they want and they deserve. 

Miracles really do happen and I witness them regularly! It’s just the human belief system we need to tweak to align ourselves with limitless and infinite possibilities!

I live happily in the U.K. with my partner and my dogs and run a charity called The Healing Horse Sanctuary and another business based on ethical trading called Divine Healing Creations.

I also see human clients for healing and coaching sessions and animals for animal healing and communication sessions.

I sometimes teach groups of lovely people too and am keen on developing my online courses and complete more books too so that I can empower more people to be miraculous!

I wish you so much joy and Love on your ever unfolding beautiful journey 

I send you Love 

Susie x

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