During this 2 day thorough course you will receive the Master attunement and Master symbol plus learn amazing ways to introduce new amazing healing techniques into your healing practice and your life!

I give examples of the amazing things that I’ve been involved in and explain how YOU can do these things too!

I teach you how to:

Use the newly attuned Reiki Master energy and Reiki Master symbol;

Send powerful healing over a geographical distance to others who have requested it; 

Send powerful healing back in time to heal our past experiences that still hold heavy energy;

Recall and reclaim our energy that we may have left in experiences or that may have been taken; 

Offer powerful healing sessions to others including to the cells of their body to aid the healing process of illnesses and to repair the Energy field; 

And how to send powerful healing back in time to heal other peoples  past experiences that still hold heavy energy and may be the cause of issues and illnesses; 

Programme energy to set up energy for anything we need such as protection so we have a shortcut to use whenever we need it; 

Support the death transition  process either in the present moment, for someone who has already passed or create a bridge of light to be ready to support them when they transition (such a beautiful thing to learn how to do);  

Discuss the ego and how to keep it in check;

Discuss the shadow and what it means and how we can find the gold in it; 

Learning the power of words and how we create our reality with words and intention; 

Learning which chakras correspond to Which organs of the body;  

How to set up a Reiki practice, including insurance, and the importance of confidentiality... 

... And finally signing a Code of Ethics which underpins the purity of working from a place of pure intent and zero manipulation!  

There is such a lot that I teach in these 2 days and I offer a follow up discussion a month later so that students are able to ask any questions etc and I can offer additional support as you process this beautiful and empowering information.

This course doesn’t teach you how to teach others that is my 12 month apprenticeship “Reiki Master Teacher training course

What it does do is give you an incredible portfolio of metaphysical knowledge, wisdom, and information into working with healing energy at such a deep and profound level 

I only teach small classes so that I can give the best to all on the course.

In this two day course, I pass on all I was taught between 2001-2001 and all the knowledge I have gained within my healing practise over the last 18 years.

I always create a lovely relaxed nurturing environment to be in, so encourage you to bring slippers and blankets so you are cosy and comfy.

Questions are always welcome 

If this next step is for you then wonderful! You will just need to have completed Reiki First and Second degree first. 

If you haven’t been taught by me before we usually have a telephone or video call prior to the course to ensure you’re happy and confident with your existing healing practice before you embark upon this next step. I am then happy to offer any additional support you may need to raise your confidence before this amazing weekend 

So if this is your next step either book a place or contact me to chat 

Classes are held in person, in the Kings Norton area, and from from 9:30am - 4:30pm/5pm on both days.

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What Other Students Say About Reiki Master Practitioner with Susie:

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  • I highly recommend learning Reiki First Degree with Susie Gessey! The whole experience is life changing and has really helped me personally with any situations that have popped up, and has helped me develop as a person! Susie creates an amazing, safe environment for you to start out on your journey, and I couldn't imagine learning this incredible healing technique through anybody else.


    1st Degree Reiki Student

  • So magical, everyone should learn Reiki First degree. So many tools you can put to every day use. It was life changing for me!!


    1st Degree Reiki Student