Letter To The Universe

eBook & Template

Do you feel stressed?
Or anxious, angry, worried, betrayed, overwhelmed, upset, sad, or in pain?
Or do you feel blocked and that you are unable to move forward?
Or do you even feel super positive and yet you don’t seem to be able to manifest your intentions or find peace?

Well any of these can be related to energy that’s not been acknowledged so allow me to support you with this wonderful, simple yet powerful tool of how to work through your emotions and release them with this Letter to the Universe ebook and template.

I’ve been teaching this technique to students and clients for many years with amazing results.

So treat yourself to this empowering tool which you can use over and over again whenever you feel you want or need to release emotions, thoughts or pain.

Once you’ve purchased, you will receive your eBook and template directly to your inbox within your purchase confirmation e-mail (please do keep an eye on  your Spam/junk/promotions folder too).  You can download and keep to re-use as often as you wish.

Should you require any assistance, you can always e-mail me at hello@susiegessey.com

Letter to the universe