Distance Healing

60 Minute distance healing session with Susie Gessey

We all need support.

Someone to talk things through with.

Especially if we feel afraid or unsure or overwhelmed.

In these unusual times I’ve adapted how I’m supporting people.

So I’m still offering hour appointments but now we can video chat for 30 minutes and talk about anything you wish.

Then put the phone down and relax and I will send you distance healing for another 30 minutes.

Then send you some feedback.

People are loving this experience.

People are saying they feel supported, listened to, calmer, relaxed, helped, they love receiving guidance, upliftment, and reassurance as well as the healing energy.

I’m currently offering these hour appointments Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Book your session below, then I shall contact you to arrange a suitable day and time.

distance healing session