You Are Supported By Mother Earth

The Meditation from Susie Gessey

Supported by Mother earth meditation

Would you like to feel more relaxed?
More peaceful?
More grounded? 
Surrounded by beauty?
And realise how supported you are?
How loved and connected you are to everything that is alive and abundantly thriving!

Allow this gentle and powerful 14 minute guided meditation to support you in creating a beautiful place in nature where you are able to relax, take in the beautiful empowering energy of Mother Earth and the Universe and feel incredibly supported, connected, grounded, abundant, peaceful and supported!

You can do, be and achieve ANYTHING when you are supported! So enjoy the beautiful supportive and empowering energy from this guided meditation.

Once you have purchased, you will be sent your log in details and be taken to Susie's Meditation Library, so you can access your meditation over and over again... forever.

Love and support
Susie xx
Supported by Mother earth meditation