The Energy Sieve

The Meditation from Susie Gessey

The Energy Sieve (1)

Do you sometimes feel tired? 
Not able to gain clarity?
Drained after being around some people or visiting places?

Well it could be that you would benefit from clearing yourself of 'non serving energy' so energy, emotions, thoughts, aches and pains that are yours and that may have come to the surface OR all of these that you may have picked up from being with some people or even visiting some places

Would you like some help to clear yourself of this non serving energy?

You can follow this guided meditation exercise where I will teach you how to create an Energy sieve. Then guide you through how to use it to clear yourself! 

You will then be free from this non serving energy and hopefully feel lighter, more vibrant, peaceful and empowered!

The beauty is its so simple! So you can use it daily (especially before you sleep) to feel that you are operating with just your own 'serving energy' and that is SO empowering!

Susie x
The Energy Sieve (1)