Connecting to the Heart

The Meditation from Susie Gessey

Connecting to the heart

Would you like some support in quietening the mind?

And instead be able to connect to the wisdom and love of the heart centre?

Receive healing and insight in the process?

Allow me to guide you on this guided meditation to the heart centre where you will reconnect with this dear friend and offer healing and comfort to that part of you which is so loving and giving 

Connect to your own inner power and allow yourself to receive any insight and wisdom while in this relaxed and healing space that will enable you to be more empowered and inspired in your daily life

This meditation is one where you may wish to keep going back to, to be guided regularly to that divine part of you that can guide you through life beautifully, supporting you to make better choices and guide you to what serves you and what does not

Enjoy connecting to your beautiful heart 

Susie x
Connecting to the heart