Cleansing and Healing By The Beach

The Meditation from Susie Gessey

Cleansing and Healing by the beach

Would you like to be able to switch off from the busy day to day activities?
And step back from all the noise?
Feel you are in a beautiful place/
where you can relax and receive healing?
and be cleared of energy you no longer need?

Allow me to guide you on this guided meditation to a beautiful beach where there is just you, the beautiful golden sands,the gentle waves of the ocean, beautiful blue sky and the sunshine!

Allow yourself to follow my words as we go on a gentle journey of being cleansed by the water as it flows around your feet on the sandy shore, cleansing you of what you no longer need.
And then rest on the beach and receive the beautiful rays of sunlight as they gently and effectively bring restoring, healing energy to all of your cells in your body, your organs, chakras and energy field!

Such a restoring meditation
To do over and over again when you wish 


Susie x 
Cleansing and Healing by the beach