Infinite Angelic Energy Healing Treatments

Feel More Uplifted and Empowered with Susie Gessey

⭐Do you want to feel more uplifted and empowered?

⭐Be more in harmony with life and what you’re meant to be doing? 

⭐Or do you feel tired, overwhelmed, stuck, sad or that you may have lost your way? 

⭐Would you love to have some angelic healing to support and nurture you?

⭐Would you love to receive insight and guidance?

Well allow me to offer you an Infinite Angelic energy healing treatment 

Infinite Angelic energy healing is a new healing modality that focuses on working with Angelic beings of Light plus other beautiful beings of Light, to help to bring us into harmony in so many ways. Clearing us of non serving energy, healing, restoring, realigning, reactivating and recalibrating our energy systems so that we can rise into an even more empowered glorious version of who we truly are!

This beautiful healing session can be done either face to face or via distance at an agreed time and date 

You will receive -:

  • A confidential chat first to discuss what you would like support with 
  • Then an Infinite Angelic Energy healing treatment 
  • Then feedback, insight and uplifting information 

The whole session lasts about an hour 

In-person sessions take place in Bromsgrove or at The Natural Healing Centre in Kings Norton. Once the in person session has been booked Susie will contact you to see which venue you prefer and agree an appointment.

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