Meditation For Holistic Therapist Clients

The Meditation from Susie Gessey

Meditation for Holistic Therapist Clients

Are you a therapist?

Or a reiki practitioner?

Do you offer holistic therapies or healing treatments? 

Would you love a beautiful piece of music that lasts an hour to play for your clients?

With a short 10 minute meditation at the beginning to help your client relax on the therapy couch while you prepare yourself and start the treatment?

Well this is perfect for you!

This beautiful piece of music lasts for for just over an hour.

The first 10 minutes is a gentle relaxing meditation to calm your clients body and mind, let go of any stress and comfortably relax  into the therapy couch. 

This gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself and send any intentions off for the treatment.

Then the beautiful music unfolds while you give your client their healing treatment.

It’s so nurturing and beautiful.

I trust you and your clients will enjoy this soothing meditation and beautiful music.

Susie x

Music composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Meditation for Holistic Therapist Clients