A Self Healing Treatment

The Meditation from Susie Gessey

Self Healing Treatment Meditation

Do you do reiki healing?

Or energy healing?

Would you enjoy being guided through how to give yourself a beautiful self healing treatment!

To take the pressure off trying to remember what to do or where to place your hands, or what each position offers? 

Well allow me to help!

This guided meditation is a mixture of music and gentle words lasting for an hour in total.

The first 40 minutes offers -:

You support to prepare yourself for the healing 

Guidance of how to create an intention for your self healing treatment 

How to welcome in the beautiful healing energy to work with 

Guidelines of where to place your hands 

When to move position 

What each position can help with 

Giving gratitude when you close 

Allowing yourself time to process the healing energy 

The final 20 minutes is beautiful music to continue relaxing to, processing the healing, resting, coming back round, making notes, etc.

I trust your enjoy this self healing journey, time and time again.

Susie x 

Music composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke



Self Healing Treatment Meditation