12 Month Self Mastery Course

To Become A Reiki Master Teacher

12 Month Self Mastery course (to become a Reiki Master Teacher)

Within my Reiki lineage we study Reiki first degree course over 2 full days, leave a few months gap, then study Reiki second degree over 2 full days, do some case studies to practice and receive certificate. To achieve Reiki Master Practitioner we wait sufficient time and take that 2 day course, and also have case studies to do to obtain certificate.

Then if we wish to become a Reiki Master teacher we then embark upon an amazing 12 month apprenticeship course with our Reiki teacher which is known as 'The path of the initiate' or 'The self mastery course'

This course is usually taken over 12 months. Some take longer.

It’s basically me coaching you on the path of self mastery, I help you to become aware of, and to heal those things that may be preventing you from being even more amazing! 

As well as learning about yourself on a deeper level. 

You receive healing and support as you journey into those deeper levels. 

Plus you attend all of my Reiki classes to see how to teach the levels too 

And at the end of the 12 month course I teach you how to do Reiki attunements so you can teach Reiki classes yourself if you choose to

Some teach 

Some don’t 

Whatever you choose to do it’s a great way to heal and develop on so many levels! 

We would -:

  1. Meet once a month either on video or in person for about an hour 
  2. I will give you monthly one of the 12 sets of twin characteristics, and ask you to observe these in your every day life (I explain fully)
  3. And also ask you to do some energy work and this differs monthly, depending on what you have been experiencing 
  4. I talk you through how to word specific intentions 
  5. And how to do some of the exercises and techniques 
  6. I will also give you a book to read (or listen to on audible) 
  7. Plus I will send you daily distance healing to support you through this process 
  8. Then we meet again a month later to see what you have experienced, discuss it all and see how to move into the next month, what support you need, the next task and repeat the process
  9. Plus you shadow me on all of my Reiki classes, support me in teaching and observe the classes 

It’s REALLY amazing!

I loved doing mine!

And it just slots into your every day life 

All you do is become more AWARE and make notes, in your journal, and obviously do the work I set you. Then we meet and you talk to me about what you have experienced and we discuss solutions, insights and next steps to deeper healing and self mastery!

The intention is to clear, heal and master as much of yourself as possible so you are liberated and free to be an even shinier, more happy, healed, joyful and more amazing version of yourself!

I’ve had full time Moms do this course as well as full time businesswomen! And men too!

The cost of the 12 month course self mastery course can be broken down like this -:

Initial deposit £500

Then 12 monthly payments of £200

So total cost £2900

(I paid £3,500 to do mine in 2004 and the traditional Usui lineage suggests $10,000 but for me this seems more affordable and do-able) 

Or you can pay all in one go.

If you need a break that’s fine, if it takes you 15 months to complete that’s fine too.

It’s about me coaching and mentoring you so we go at your pace.

If you are interested in doing this amazing 12 month course please contact me to discuss further

This step is an awesome investment in YOU!

Sending love 

Susie xxx

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