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Join The Reiki Healers Community, with me - Master Reiki Practitioner Susie Gessey!


✨Regular newsletters with energy information, special offers and discounts, stories, Empowerment cards, intentions to use and more
✨Access to our private Reiki Healers Community Facebook group, Where you benefit from -; 

  • A safe space to chat and share your Reiki experiences in the magical group with other lovely Reiki people 
  • A card pulled for you once a month from me and posted 
  • A sacred space to ask for healing for yourself or loved ones when need arises
  • Info of discounts or special offers on my new products and services 
  • “Live” Facebook events such as guided meditations, distance healings, Q and A, and card readings 
  • A safe space to ask questions and receive answers from like minded souls 

✨A distance healing sent to YOU from me once a month with the Reiki Master energy 
✨A distance healing sent to YOUR LOVED ONES (that you nominate) from me once a month with the Reiki Master energy 
✨A distance healing sent to YOUR INTENTIONS LIST once a month from me with the Reiki Master energy 


Everything in Standard, plus

✨Healing with the Reiki Master Energy EVERY DAY
(worth £105 per month)


Everything in Standard & Silver, plus:

✨1 x monthly video call to coach you to create a powerful intentions list and send healing to that intentions list that will be uniquely yours DAILY to help you manifest it!
(Worth £175 per month)


✨1 x Monthly 1-to-1 Distance Healing with me where you set specific intentions with my support, and receive personal feedback
✨Personalised monthly reading
(worth £235 per month)

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