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It’s certainly a rollercoaster of a year isn’t it….. challenges…. miracles…..sadness… joy…. overwhelm…. magic…. confusion…. peace…. and the list goes on!

Never before have we experienced in our life time the gigantic energetic shifts, pulls and transitions that are happening right now….and we are living through this…. we are witnessing history…. we can affect the outcome…. we just need to remember who we are…. Divine eternal sovereign beings of Light! Sure we may be dressed in this human suit for a while but we are a brilliant radiant eternal soul here to help humanity to its next level of consciousness….. well that’s my take on it anyway.

For years, centuries even, humanity has been living on a planet filled with “darkness” . There is so much inequality, greed, disrespect, judgement, hatred, wars, pain and suffering. That’s not what this planet is supposed to be about surely?

We all know that The Universe, God,… whatever you wish to call the Eternal creative loving force that created us and this planet… is loving and giving, magnificent, beautiful, abundant and compassionate…. so why are we witnessing and possibly experiencing some of these things?

I truly believe we are going through a quantum shift in energy! The old ways of living are too painful and non serving for the Eternal Soul of Light that is within us so we are creating… yes creating… a metaphysical miracle by purging all of this non serving energy within us all and it’s having a global effect on the mass consciousness.

How I see it is this…. many of us having been working with Energy for some time now, we have been attuned to Higher Consciousness, we pray or meditate or offer healing regularly so we channel Love and Light that has an affect on ourselves, those around us and those we work with energy with.

We intentionally wish to evolve and seek out ways to clear and heal ourselves of non serving energies, be it physical aches and pains, emotions, mental thought patterns and programmes and out dated beliefs.

By doing all of the above we master the mind and the lower self, the ego, the shadow and the darkness within us.

This has had a huge effect on the mass consciousness and continues to do so as we shine the Light on the possibly of a brighter future filled with Love… and of no suffering. It’s Light and no darkness. Love and no ego.

This is where it gets interesting as now… right now… we are within a metaphysical pea soup where we can’t go any further until the mass consciousness has a break through and realises some metaphysical and spiritual concepts.

One being that the way forward is one of Love kindness equality joy abundance support partnership unity cooperation community and above all peace.

We can no longer tolerate low frequency energy of hatred division inequality suffering pain greed nastiness and war.

So something drastic was inevitably going to happen…. and I don’t think for one minute any of us saw how 2020 was going to play out…. but that’s what it is – a play…. a movie…. or as I’m calling it a pantomime.

Now I appreciate there has been an illness disrupting families and causing sadness, grief and loss…. and my heart goes out to anyone who has experienced sadness or pain during this time.

What I can not condone though is the way some “leaders” have dealt with the current situation. They have not operated from a high vibrational place of love.

Even so when we detach ourselves from the emotion of everything… which is challenging in itself… the “leaders” have dealt with it exactly how it’s meant to play out… as they are showing that they are NOT compassionate leaders who work from the heart, they are still working from low frequency energy of chaos, greed, untruths, and blatant manipulation and fear, causing suffering and pain and ultimately there is no place for that type of leadership in a world filled with high vibrational energy of love, honesty and peace.

So ultimately gratitude can be given for their inadequate leadership as it is transparent and obvious that the patriarchal egotistical greed fuelled way of leading or conducting affairs of a government or company is no longer welcome in our shiny happy bliss filled world of joy abundance love truth and peace.

So even though so many folk are frightened or sad about a illness… I suggest that perhaps the real virus we should all be concerned about is “the darkness” that’s within so many individuals on this planet!

The continual arguments division and hatred about so many topics this year is an interesting observation of the ego in action, running riot even, and lacking compassion or understanding of another individuals point of view. It’s classic ego behaviour.

Some of what we are seeing is shadow behaviour too with so many folk wanting to be part of a peer group even if that peer group is being unkind or manipulated as some folk want and need to be part of a collective or a group to feel safe and accepted.

I am continually shocked to observe the ego and shadow of the collective consciousness being so cruel and destructive, so much fear everywhere resulting in anxiety, overwhelm and suffering for so many and yet when I stand back I appreciate it’s just the collective ego and darkness of humanity playing out like out of control spoilt vicious children. As there is now an opportunity to change. To grow. To heal. But the ego will go kicking and screaming before it allows any change. As it likes things just the way they are! In fact the ego will want more rules and more restrictions and more control.

If you observe everything from an non emotional attachment perspective you can see how we are currently within a battle of Light and dark. Ego versus Love.

We are within an energetic, spiritual, metaphysical battle of consciousness. It’s the battle that many of us on the spiritual journey have played out as individuals and I discuss this in Master courses. We battle with our own ego and shadow, our past hurts and pains. And we look to heal them so that we become kinder versions of ourselves who are able to tame the mind and the ego so that we continually respond from Love in all we do.

So if the whole planet is currently being forced to look within, look at whether exhausting jobs serve them, if certain thoughts, habits, beliefs & ways of living serve them, if being separated from others serves them, if being told what to do by leaders who aren’t operating from the heart serve them… then it will have a huge impact and affect on realising certain things are serving and certain things really are not!

That’s when the opportunity to change comes in, but it’s global change, it’s humanity changing as a collective, as group…. and change big time! 

This is not small stuff! This is the fabrication of the way we live and operate.

Goodness me this is an amazing opportunity to be alive during this time in history!

And we all have a part to play in history.

Surely the way to navigate through this is to do what we all continue to do as individuals…. so step back from the non serving energy and the chaos and consciously and intentionally become even better versions of ourselves and create happier brighter worlds in our own reality.

We want to Master the mind, the shadow, ego and our own inner darkness so there is no room or possibility for us to be nasty judgmental mean hateful back stabbing disrespectful jealous violent or cruel and so on…. all the experiences or beliefs or cultural conditioning or programming have been identified, and healed so that we are so peacefully settled within our hearts and that’s where we enjoy being. That’s where we respond from. And importantly we are beyond manipulation or control as we are so strong in our heart energy, in our Light and our Love. And Love wins every time!

We enjoy being unique, individual miraculous, steadfast, miracle makers! Shining Light and Love whenever we go!

In the heart space is where “God lives” where our power resides, where we Love and feel deeply and where we can receive our guidance and most truthful insightful wisdom from. It’s the best place to create and manifest from! As we are doing it from the vibrational of Love and not of ego.

So ultimately if we can keep in our heart space we CAN navigate through this current situation. And see when we need to be involved in this pantomime and when we do not. We step in and we step out. We are not within it 24/7 as that’s where the chaos manipulation deceit ego and darkness is currently playing out.

When we keep a healthy distance and our own energy we will be able to observe and identify manipulation, deceit, dishonesty, shadow and ego based words and actions and “the darkness” in action.

That’s where our power is. In observing. Observe observe observe. Not in being immersed and dragged under like a tidal wave of emotion, manipulation and darkness.

Perhaps part of keeping in the heart space and the Light, within high frequency energy is detaching from anything that lowers your frequency.

And never has this been more important So consider detaching or at least reducing from the following -:

Social Media
The Internet
Refined sugar
Animal flesh and products
Unhealthy relationships
Disempowering or disrespectful people
Unfulfilling work
Anything that causes you headaches stress overwhelm, fear or sadness
Or anything else you feel lowers your energy 

And in turn consider vibrating towards high energy such as -:

Mother Earth
Gentle exercise
Listening to music
Listening to birds singing
Singing yourself
Playing a musical instrument
Setting intentions
Doing healing on yourself and others
Being creative
Grow some food
Cook from scratch
Knit or sew
Paint or draw
Write a poem or a song
Do some voluntary or Charity work
Help someone
Eat Plant based foods
Increase fruit and veg intake
Healthy juices and smoothies
Drink lots of water
Alkaline your body
Take supplements or natural remedies if you need support
Make your health a priority, physically mentally emotionally and spiritually
Spend time with people you love and trust who celebrate you and you can relax with and be your true self
Don’t take things personally
Let go of things you can’t control
Set healthy boundaries
Start a new business venture that makes you happy and excited
Smile and laugh
Seek out joy
Give gratitude daily
Ask for help when you need it
Be honest about your feelings
Give help to others when they need it
Do things that bring you peace and joy
Trust in yourself and the Universe or God
Believe in miracles
Trust in Love 

There is a lot we can do!

I personally never watch TV or read newspapers or listen to the radio anymore. I find it all too manipulative, addictive and low frequency. It’s intention is to take my energy and control me, make me submit to a tick tock existence where I’m the same as everyone else. No thanks.

I prefer to immerse myself in nature, be with my animals, lovely humans and do lots of soul enriching experiences and activities. It keeps be in my heart, strong, empowered, joyful and unique! When we aren’t part of the system we are able to observe manipulation at play so we can choose how to deal with it. Simple really. We just need to step out of the tick tock world first and reclaim our power. And be proud of who we are.

And when we have reclaimed our power and we are in our hearts we are then able to set healthy boundaries with others.

It’s good to say NO! 

No I’m not feeling that, doing that, listening to that or playing that game or being in your pantomime thank you very much.

Instead I will be over here writing in my journal or baking some bread or doing an act of kindness for someone or talking to the Universe or something else that brings me joy.

I refuse to be part of what you’re trying to get me to do.

And why?

Because within my spiritual journey back to wholeness I’ve remembered who I am. And who I am is a giant shiny soul of eternal Light. I’m a Divine being of Love. I’m here to experience many things and mainly I’m here to love myself and love others and part of loving myself is following my own path, not yours.

And look there are more and more shiny souls like me . And we have all remembered who we are and we are all Divine beings of love and we have started a community “The Divine beings of Love Club” and we have come together to start a NEW way of living and being!

There’s more and more of us now and we are growing and growing as more and more seem to want to have lives filled with love joy kindness and peace.

And then it happened…. the Light within each of us overcame our own inner darkness and that had a global effect as collectively we lifted the Light to an even higher vibration…. and then…. there was no place for darkness… within us or our community or the collective!

So let’s continue to do our part… each of us… we are all SO important… more than ever…. we CAN help to CREATE a new world…. we just need to do these simple yet profound leaps of change and transition.

It is within us all!
Just remember who you are!
Switch off all the non serving low vibrational stuff
Reclaim your Light and your Divine power
You can do this
We can do this
In fact it’s already happened
Light and Love will win
Light ALWAYS outshines darkness 

Love and eternal Light
Susie xx



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