We are the saviours

We Are The Saviours

When was “the darkness” going to end? It’s up to US to CREATE a NEW reality! One of joy, Love, kindness, laughter, freedom and support. It’s each and every one of us that can change this planet and change this reality.

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be more butterfly

Let's Be More Butterfly

Using Reiki to identify situations that caused us pain, send healing back in time to the pain so that we can wash away that heavy energy, heal, find the gold and transform!

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death is never the end

Death is Never The End

Life is eternal, everything is energy, and we can support those we love, when it’s their time, with some beautiful energy techniques to create a bridge of Light to aid their transition, so it’s as peaceful and loving as possible.

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Protecting our own energies

Protecting Our Own Energies

Many of us don’t resonate with current energies that are rising of battles and war. This is NOT who we are! 
However we can still keep our centre. It may be more challenging but we can still do it!
Here's some ways we can still keep our energies safe....

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Storm Energy

Storm Energy

So what a week it’s been, well actually a couple of weeks!

The energy seems really intense at the moment doesn’t it!

And the storms are raging around the U.K! And more than one too! 

The storms going on around us seem so strange! I don’t remember having more than one storm in a 2 week period before! Do you? Which leads me to think of the whole weather manipulation programme. I read so much about the Chinese government back in 2018 having a programme to control the weather. And they openly…

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Susie Blog

More love, Less Bullsh*t

After a really busy 2021, I scaled back my work load to focus on future plans and begin creating the next steps in my 2022 adventures over the Christmas holiday period, but the universe had other pans...

I woke up on the Wednesday before Christmas, the 22nd December, feeling really poorly, and the same the next day too. I presumed it was just a 24 hour virus or something but nope it was some crazy debilitating flu type virus that lasted over 2 weeks!

I missed all of Christmas!

I still have gi…

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Our Part in history blog image

Our Part in History

It’s certainly a rollercoaster of a year isn’t it….. challenges…. miracles…..sadness… joy…. overwhelm…. magic…. confusion…. peace…. and the list goes on!

Never before have we experienced in our life time the gigantic energetic shifts, pulls and transitions that are happening right now….and we are living through this…. we are witnessing history…. we can affect the outcome…. we just need to remember who we are…. Divine eternal sovereign beings of Light! Sure we may be dressed in this human suit f…

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