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It’s been a challenging few days with so much shocking and sad events in our world.

I can hardly believe what I’m witnessing unfolding in Afghanistan, with intentional suffering caused to people and animals and blocking of help getting through, all created by the American government. 

I’ve never prayed so much and chatted to the Universe and all the beings of Light asking for help as I have the last few days 

If our world is to change... and it needs to... then perhaps things have to get so extreme and so dark for everyone to finally take notice and want to help facilitate the necessary changes.

This is all a metaphysical play out of the Collective shadow in my view, the Collective dark side of humanity, the ego in action, a disconnection in extreme ways from the heart energy! 

The heart would never allow or cause suffering! The heart wants and rejoices in Love, co operation, kindness, compassion, solutions, partnership, listening, healing, forgiveness, happiness, support, nurture and protection 

So even though I know some of you are finding events incredibly shocking and sad... and so am I... let’s not push those feelings away... these are what whisper to us to remind us we are good hearted souls, here to stand in Love with courage and compassion and help to bring about change 

It’s the “darkness” of the shadow, ego, and unhealed wounds that keep us from connecting to our hearts and our hidden gifts, wisdom and gold within us.

When we firstly have the courage to become aware of these traits, then start to face them, begin a process of working through our old wounds, our shadow, our ego, then we are on a miraculous path to wholeness. It may take some time, and I discuss this on some of my courses, especially Master Practitioner, it’s well worth the journey. And the ripple effect is incredible. The more of us that do this inner work the more we create change.

Some good books to help with this are -;
Stuart Wilde - 33 steps to the Infinite self 
Debbie Ford - The Secrets of the Shadow... and The Darkside of the Lightchasers

And as we are on that path confronting the darkness it’s wise to balance it out by taking time to -:

  • Disconnect from non serving energy; 
  • Clear and cleanse ourselves; 
  • Ground ourselves by being out in nature; 
  • Become present and be in the now;
  • Give gratitude of things we are grateful for;
  • Take time to nurture, take care of ourselves in whatever form we need; 
  • See if we can have some fun and laughter;
  • Treat ourselves to something that lifts us, be it cooking a meal for self or friends, buying that new journal or crystal you love;
  • Do an act of kindness for another person or animal;
  • Have a rest or a nap or have a lie in;
  • Talk things through with someone you love and trust, and ask them for help if you need it;
  • Sit in meditation and quiet and ask for Divine support;
  • Be with like minded souls.

All of these will help us navigate through the tough stuff.


Susie x



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