Protecting Our Own Energies

Protecting our own energies

A dear friend of mine sent me this so I’m sharing it with you as it’s gorgeous 

And it spoke to me!

I wonder if it may speak to you too?!

“Tender and fierce”

You will recognise the ones who have done the work of healing because they will no longer allow themselves to be trampled.

Or underestimated, or consumed by trivial things.

They will be the ones with their hearts on their sleeves and stars in their eyes but ready to shift gears the minute someone crosses their boundaries.

They will know exactly where they are wanted and where they need not invest their energy.

Their intuition tells them what feels safe and what is just a disaster waiting to happen.

They stand firm in who they have become and will not compromise their sovereignty.

They keep their circles small and their love big.

They walk beside those who are still so far from home.

They will cheer on your victories but are not afraid to tell you the truth of how hard it is going to be.

They are both tender and fierce.

They have been where you are, and they want nothing more than for you to find your way too.



I know many of you are struggling right now.

We are empathic.

We feel things deeply.

So the world seems an alien, strange and unpleasant place right now.

Many of us don’t resonate with current energies that are rising of battles and war.

This is NOT who we are! 

However we can still keep our centre.

It may be more challenging but we can still do it!

It’s just taking ALL we have learnt (and still learning) and putting them into practice!

  • STOP
  • Step back
  • Breathe 
  • Put your hands on your heart and connect and FEEL what’s the best thing for you to do
  • Meditate 
  • Give yourself some healing
  • Turn off the TV and news
  • Restrict social media 
  • Get out in nature 
  • Hug your dog or your cat or your horse or your sheep or your tortoise or your chicken! (Animal will always return us to our centre!) 
  • Or if you don’t have any animals go somewhere that does such as a friend or a sanctuary 
  • Eat home cooked nutritious food packed with healing and avoid processed food that lowers your  energy 
  • Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and restrict sugar drinks, caffeine and alcohol 
  • Buy yourself plants and look after them 
  • Start to sow seeds to grow your own veg 
  • Get some nurturing crystals to support you, carry them, wear them, sleep with them 
  • Give yourself some more healing 
  • Write a Letter to the Universe 
  • Have an Epsom salt bath with essential oils 
  • Book a healing treatment with someone else 
  • Have cup of tea and cake with someone you love and trust and have a good chat with
  • Choose yourself an Empowerment card or angel card daily and look at it throughout the day to support you 
  • Set healthy boundaries for yourself and be comfortable saying NO 
  • Go have some fun! 
  • Get creative and bake a cake or paint or make something 
  • Write your wishes, dreams and intentions down in a beautiful book 
  • Give yourself a day off 
  • Have a lie in (and don’t set an alarm so wake up when you’re meant to!)
  • Go to bed early
  • Buy yourself a bunch of flowers 
  • Book yourself a day out or a weekend away 
  • Send something in the post to someone you love to brighten their day 
  • Check in with your friends and family and neighbours that they are all right with a simple text message 
  • Treat yourself to something 
  • Book yourself on a course or a retreat that you know will bring you joy 
  • Practice giving gratitude daily for all you are blessed with 
  • Tell yourself daily that you love yourself and will check in daily to see what you need 
  • Ask for help when you need it!

Gosh with focusing on all this loveliness we won’t have enough time to be over whelmed with the craziness in the world!

AND when we are centred and grounded things may actually seem different to what we are being told as our Divine discernment kicks in. 

And obviously I’m all about Peace and Love and I’m also about Truth so let’s look at the bigger picture of what’s unfolding in our world . There is such a lot of corruption, lies and deceit that all gets covered up. And when we turn off the TV and we start to talk to others who have experiences or research things ourselves we may start to get different perspectives on things. 

For me I’m focusing on peace in my daily life 

Peace in my self.

Peace in my heart.

Peace in my relationships.

Peace in my community.

I refuse to hate anyone!

Or get drawn into any battles of egos.

As none of us really know what’s going on between certain men and their idea of what is right or wrong.

If I could I would get them all in a room with cups of tea and cake and not allow them to leave until the truth came out and an agreement was reached of how to move forward peacefully and respectfully to everyone in the world. 

So what can we do? 

We CAN create peace in our own daily life.

We CAN Call upon the energy of Love and beings of Light to support us daily.

We CAN be kind supportive loving and empowering to others ..  and to ourselves.

We CAN trust that this ripple effect of beauty kindness healing and Love goes out positively into the world!

We CAN ALL do that!


We can do this!

We came to this planet to hold the vibration of Love and of Light

We just need to be extra gentle with ourselves right now!

Love and Infinite angelic light 

Susie xx



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