Death is Never The End

death is never the end

I was teaching at the weekend my Reiki Master Practitioner course and as part of that course we discuss the death process.

We discuss how life is eternal, everything is energy, and we can support those we love, when it’s their time, with some beautiful energy techniques to create a bridge of Light to aid their transition, so it’s as peaceful and loving as possible.

And I shared a personal story of how my beloved best friend died of cancer many years ago, in my arms, and I was able to give her energy to aid her transition. 

The experience changed me profoundly. I saw the whole transitional process unfold in her room at the hospice, with my actual eyes! No third eye situation, no clairvoyance, I’m talking about seeing monumental life-changing stuff with my eyes wide open! 

From beginning to end.

I had arrived at the hospice unexpectedly and unannounced. 

It was certainly Divine intervention as I kept getting messages throughout the day to go and visit her at a specific time and literally my car drove itself to the hospice!

When I arrived all her visitors had just left and so a space had opened up for just me to have some quiet time alone with her.

I opened the door to her room and she smiled with such joy to see me - 

“They told me you were coming” she said. And when I asked who told her, she replied “The angels”

I knew this was a special meeting for the 2 of us, from her words plus just me getting there at that time, with no visitors either seemed all so miraculous 

She looked so very poorly, and I knew my lovely friend didn’t have long before it was her time to journey home, I could feel it, her life force was so low.

She was still perfect and beautiful to me though.

Within moments of my arrival, she told me she felt weak and could I help her into bed. 

As I got nearer to her, to help, I could see behind her what I can only describe as a large vortex of swirling golden light. It was just a few inches behind her and was stunningly beautiful, with lots of golden colours, all shades, dancing together, in harmony, in a giant spiral. I was amazed!

As we walked to the bed the golden vortex of light went with her and it felt comforting and beautiful. Nothing to fear. It felt like it was a vortex of “Loving comforting Light” that’s the only way I can describe it.

I held her hand and asked her if she needed anything and she just said “For you to stay with me” so I did. 

She closed her eyes and her breathing changed, it was more peaceful and I continued to hold her hand and talk gently to her telling her I loved her and that I was with her for whatever she needed.

Then the energy in the room totally changed. 

I saw the whole room turn to gold.

I felt like time stood still.

Peace filled the room.

Peace and loving energy.

I noticed the golden swirling vortex was getting bigger and bigger too. 

I then felt the presence of angelic beings, giant beautiful loving angels arriving with so much love for my friend. And I just knew they had arrived to help her transition to a better place, free from pain and free from this awful illness.

I was so fully present, giving my beloved friend all of my attention, love and energy AND in awe of what I could see and sense, that it did not enter my thought process to call for anyone. I mean I could see 10-foot beautiful angelic beings of pure Love and Light by her so I think we had it covered!

I held her one hand and stroked her face with the other and spoke to her, letting her know she was incredibly supported and loved during her next chapter (she believed in angels so I knew me telling her I could see giant luminous golden ones next to her would be of such comfort to her) 

She looked so peaceful.

I held her and trusted that my energy and my love and these beautiful angels together with their golden doorway of light would all combine to help her cross over, surrounded in so much love and peace and healing.

As I said it was like time stood still - it’s difficult to put into words.

I have no idea how long I was with her, no one came into the room, and she took her final breath in my arms so peacefully. 

It was one of the most beautiful, profound, moving and life-changing experiences I have ever had. 

I did not cry 

I just lay with her 

Holding her 

Feeling so calm 

And in awe of it all 




And feeling so pleased for her too, if that makes sense.

The whole experience deepened my spiritual beliefs and connection to all that is loving and Light AND it took any fear I had of death away and replaced it with what I can only describe as joy and excitement, as well as awe and respect and happiness for what’s to come for all of us.

That was many years ago.

And may I add that moments after she had transitioned, and time unfroze, the angels left, the golden spiral disappeared and the room went back to its usual colour, ...the door opened and a nurse popped in to ask if I was all right “I think she’s gone” I said.

And with that chaos unfolded, as people dashed in, there were loud noises and more. 

The peaceful energy had gone but it didn’t matter as the Universe and all that is love, had created a sacred time and space for me and my friend to connect and share something so incredible that words can’t really justify. I knew it was my time to leave, just like she had.

I had been placed in that situation at exactly the right time and the Universe and beings of Light had supported the whole process for my beautiful friend.

Since then, I have had no fear of death at all. It’s an amazingly beautiful experience! 

I’ve spoken to my dearest beautiful friend many times since too. In meditation. In healing treatments. In dreams. Our love is eternal! Love can never be broken or ended just because we live in different realms or frequencies or dimensions. And our love and our friendship is something that I continue to hold in my heart and fills me with so much happiness I can’t explain in words.

Sure I miss her physical presence but I get to connect to her in a different way and it’s so so lovely. It’s like I send my thoughts out to her and the cosmic telephone dials her universal number and she answers instantly and we chat and laugh. It’s just great! 

I have thought of her a lot recently and I saw this poem yesterday and wanted to share it as it’s so lovely. 

I trust that my experience, this story I’m sharing and this poem may bring comfort, healing, and happiness to you too.

LAST NIGHT by Donna Ashworth

Last night you came to see me 

when the darkness had no light

You stepped into my room 

and I felt your spirit bright 

You told me you were happy 

and removed of earthly pain

You said I must believe

that our paths would cross again

You told me you were proud 

of the life I carry on 

You told me you were close 

that I’ll never be alone

Last night you came to see me 

and when morning came around

I knew I wasn’t dreaming 

by your feather on the ground.

By Donna Ashworth


I send you eternal love, 

Susie xx



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