Let's Be More Butterfly

be more butterfly

How many of us are going through changes?

Feeling like we want to change, move, shift, grow and blossom into an even better version of ourselves?

You feeling like that?

It seems to be the theme with virtually ALL of my clients this week! As well as students and friends... and I’m wishing to shift and grow myself!

The energy is really pushing us, and showing us things we no longer like, feel is right for us anymore or that no longer serves us... sometimes quite dramatically! 

Even though it maybe uncomfortable, surely it’s showing us through the pain that we CAN liberate our self! Transform and fly even higher than before!

Even if that means stopping, stepping back or retreating to think things through, meditate, ask our heart for answers, receive healing and really go within, into the depths, to find that hidden gold that hides beneath our pain or exhaustion or illness or discontentment.

We are masters at distracting ourselves from the pain aren’t we. 

We avoid it! TV, social media, shopping, games etc Anything rather than face the pain.

But that’s only because we haven’t been taught that gold often lies beneath the pain.

Gold and empowerment! Freedom and transformation! 

With all the students and clients I work with this is a subject that comes up a lot.

I don’t subscribe to the happy-clappy, fake it until you make it brigade.

I believe that we work with positive empowering intentions for sure, and we can do these daily with great results, magnifying them with energy and crystals. But we also honour any emotions and feelings that rise too, and these show us where we are at. If we listen to them, and review why things aren’t working or manifesting we can then respond and decide to make some changes in the present and we can also trace back to when things started to not work for us and do energy work on that too.

And that’s usually at a time when we experienced pain! 

And at that time of pain we probably went into survival mode instead of stopping and asking for help, or rethinking of how best to move forward.

Again we are never taught to stop, rest, heal and ask for help... and there is huge gold in that too! 

We are just told/taught to carry on! Mask the pain, don’t cry, fake being happy and then later down the line we collapse in a heap from illness or exhaustion or overwhelm etc.

In my opinion it’s when we stop and ask for help that beauty unfolds, there is nothing quite like feeling heard, listened to and supported! It’s gorgeous and Divine! And miracles can unfold when we feel supported through painful times. 

And once we identify those situations that caused us pain we can send healing back in time to the pain, we can wash away that heavy energy, heal, find the gold and transform!

I do a lot of timeline work with clients and students, and offer suggested intentions that can be used to heal our past pain and free ourselves from it.

When we free ourselves from the pain, the ripple effect to those around us and to our relationships and circumstances can be miraculous! 

I love hearing of so many beautiful stories of transformations and miracles! 

Surely this is the part that so many of us miss out along our healing journey whereas this is life changing when we have the courage to do it! 

So YES do lovely empowering intentions!

And YES also consider doing some energy work back in time to heal past pain as that could be what’s keeping you in your caterpillar energy when you have the potential to be the most beautiful butterfly! 

(I do teach these techniques in detail on my Reiki second degree courses and Reiki Master Practitioner courses as well as self mastery courses)

So let’s embrace our inner butterfly! And let’s all fly higher than before!

With love

Susie x



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