We Are The Saviours

We are the saviours

The energy is bonkers!

That’s for sure!

So many people going through dramatic shifts and changes, some traumatising! 

How are YOU finding things? 

I’ve NEVER been so busy in my healing practice and it’s a test on self care, keeping grounded, disconnected from non serving energy and keeping in our heart as well as keeping our connection to the Universal energy of Love, Light and angelic beings of 100% Light!

Someone asked me yesterday when things were going to change? When was “the darkness” going to end?

I replied that it’s up to US to CREATE a NEW reality! One of joy, Love, kindness, laughter, freedom and support 

Only then can we WELCOME others into our NEW reality that we have created!

It’s pointless (and exhausting) trying to change the old! The old ways of doing things, the greed, corruption, lies, criminality, suffering and nastiness. Those systems, and those within them won’t be told to change and they won’t want to as what they are involved with, serves them on their level.

What WE can do is CREATE the NEW reality 

We can work on our own “darkness” our ego, our shadow, our unresolved and painful past. All of these can make us react from an unpleasant place. 

So when we can Heal and master ourselves we will be transmitting  a totally different energy and frequency into the world! And that will magnify the more and more of us that do this inner work.

We will naturally vibrate to those who are in alignment with our frequency and start to CREATE a NEW reality with them!

There will be lots of groups of people creating lovely beautiful amazing projects and places with better ways of living and being.

And when loads of amazing lovely folk see that this NEW way is kinder than the existing one they find themselves in, kinder, fairer, happier, healthier with supportive energy for all then a THEY will want to JOIN and be part of it! 

So by all means let’s be aware of the old “darker” denser energies that are around BUT let’s focus OUR ENERGY in CREATING the NEW.


Just that we have believed all the lies, stories, programmes and conditioning that we are powerless! And we need masters to refer to, to give our power away and await their direction of what we “should” do.

No no no!

That’s the OLD way.

The OLD energy.

The NEW is to be SO anchored into our hearts and Love.

SO anchored into the abundant grounding freeing energy of Mother Earth. 

SO anchored into our faith in the supportive miraculous energy of the Universe, God, Angels, or whatever your deity of Light is. 

SO anchored into our own Divine connection, power and purpose.

That we are unstoppable, unrockable, unshakeable in our own glorious energy of spreading Love, healing, kindness, joy, support, joy, and peace to ourselves, others and to the world! 

So let’s remember that it’s each and every one of us that can change this planet and change this reality 

No one is coming to save us!

WE are the saviours!

So let’s do the inner work, be that beautiful soul who spreads love, compassion and joy everywhere! 

And let’s ALL CREATE a NEW reality!

We CAN do this!

Love Susie xxx

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