Are We Operating on Two Timelines?

I’m sharing today about something I’ve been aware of for some time now...

And that is that we are operating on 2 timelines at once!

Now bear with me while I explain what I mean by this.

And it’s easier to discuss this in conversation with someone rather than writing it down so I will do my best as explaining here in written words:

I see a lot of people every week for healing treatments, either face to face, on video call or via distance, be it Reiki treatments or Angelic energy healing treatments , spiritual coaching and counselling or mentoring and the ONE thing that I observe the most … the one thing … is that people are ALL facing BIG stuff AND experiencing amazing joy at the same time.

And it’s such a polarity that I have never witnessed before.

Everyone seems to be having big stuff, not little stuff, to work through BUT within that sadness, or pain, or grief or illness is this HUGE wave of Love! Love, healing, beauty, support, joy, miracles!

Now I’ve been teaching and offering healing sessions since 2004 and I’ve experienced a lot of stuff but this is VERY different.

So what do we do?

⭐We sit

⭐We sit in meditation 

⭐We listen to the whispers of our own heart in the silence 

⭐We sense our own discernment in this peace 

⭐We Communicate with our guides and angels in this sacred space 

⭐We may even dowse for additional answers or clarification 

(If you want to learn how to dowse  by the way, to receive guidance AND connect to your guides by ONLINE course is packed with everything I know on dowsing with a pendulum check out this course here!)

So the guidance I’ve received is that we are “operating on 2 timelines” 

What does this mean?

Yes I asked the same question!

It means that the current OLD ways are crumbling away. The OLD non serving stuff. And quite dramatically!

It’s happening on the inner world (so on a personal level) and outer world too (so out there in the world).

On an inner world this is all that stuff we have been carrying around with us, that really need to go now so we can move on. So old emotional hurts and pain that have held us back, old “programming” telling us what we need to believe to fit in, old illnesses rising to the surface for us to receive support to heal and restore, old fears, ego and shadow based traits. 

ALL of it seems to coming back to hit us where we feel it the most! 

We are dreaming of this stuff from the past. 

We bump into people we haven’t seen in years that open old wounds. 

Or someone contacts us we haven’t seen in ages too. 

That illness comes back.

The phobia or fear seems to grow.

That ego or shadow trait of not being good enough or worthy or can’t achieve or manifest etc speaks loudly to us too


As we still have to get up, work, look after children or animals or parents, cook food, shop, clean the house, juggle work and home commitments AS WELL as all this old stuff coming along for us to look at and work through.

It’s exhausting AND over whelming! And we have to use all of our spiritual tools to navigate through it daily to keep centred and present. 

And then we see this over whelming stuff happening in the outer world too. Catastrophic events happening, big corruption being discovered, a film made based on a true study about child sex trafficking (look up The Sound of Freedom) the list goes on.

No wonder people are stressed. 

This is all the first timeline stuff. The 3D stuff.

And THEN running along side all of this tough stuff there is a new timeline which offers an outpouring of incredible Love and support! Of joy, happiness, healing, adventure, connection, partnership friendship and more. Helping us to get to the other side so to speak. Yes we may have had support before but not like this . Or we may have never asked for help before and when we do it’s miraculous and we break a pattern. 

Let me give you an example 

Someone is going into hospital for an operation that is causing them concern … then they discover that their head nurse is a Reiki practitioner and everything flows miraculously well.

Someone falls and has a life threatening accident and the paramedics are like angels and in chatting to the relative of the injured person in the ambulance discover they do mediumship and respectfully and excitedly ask lots of questions.

Someone has financial crisis and a friend offers to give them (not lend) money from a recent inheritance to save them. 

A persons car breaks down and the big burly tattooed man who tows her car away and chats to her on the way home shares that he is desperate to get back to the depot to see his colleague Pete who offers all the blokes Reiki to relieve them of the aches and pains from their job.

The list goes on … 

SO why is all this happening at once? 

Because we are running on 2 timelines.

The OLD, non serving, outdated, corrupt, 3D ways of perpetuating suffering IS GOING.

AND it’s being REPLACED by a higher energy of Love, beauty, purity, happiness, healing, helpfulness, partnership, cooperation, abundance for ALL, respect, gratitude, honouring, sacredness and joy! 

The exhaustion and overwhelm steps in as so many are involved in dealing with dismantling the old AND creating the new! All at the same time. 

I’m seeing it all the time.

As we are currently stepping OUT of that timeline of suffering, pain, SELFISHNESS into a NEW one.

And that’s where everything is already in beautiful perfection and harmony. Everything dances and flows how it’s meant. There is no suffering, there is only love and beauty, miracles, joy and SELFLESSNESS! 

Is the world is in crisis?


But only because it’s changing.


Corruption is being seen AT LAST.

Some of the darkest aspects of our world are being uncovered and a big fat Light shone on them.


So that this suffering STOPS.

Change and healing can take place.

And May I just add here that this is where our path of the initiate is so important, Path of self mastery, working on ourselves, on our past pain, ego and shadow as when WE fully heal and embrace our own “darkness” then we won’t act it out to hurt others.

So this stuff HAS to be looked at. This is imperative for us to bring about change. So as well as happy positive thoughts and intentions lists we ALSO need to be healing our own darkness 

And when we do this deep work we become so anchored into truth and Light that it doesn’t matter if the so called leader of the planet tells you to do something - if you FEEL it’s not in alignment with your Divinity then you won’t go along with it.

THAT is power right there. 

Being anchored in truth and Light and NOT following the masses or mainstream.

Instead following your OWN guidance. 

And what’s unfolding now is showing that the current OLD ways are not working anyway, we don’t want to repeat those patterns, be they internally or externally. NO! 

WE are HERE to literally CREATE heaven on earth!

But it is exhausting being on these 2 timelines and I get that it’s a bit tough being on this planet right now,

So PLEASE be extra gentle with yourself as you’re navigating through unknown territory as we navigate out of the old and into the new….. but both at the same time!

It’s like you’re in a rented house living your life as best as you can but you have mould and damp in the house, a water leak and awful neighbours! 

But you’re also in the middle of buying a gorgeous new house, looking at an extension, planning new interiors and furnishings but it’s a long slow process to get it all sorted but you have wonderful people cheering you on to get your dream home.

So you’re running 2 projects at once.

Is this making sense?

I feel everyone is currently being given the opportunity to step out of the old timeline and into the new one. It’s just taking such a lot of energy for us to deal with this. It can be why we are tired, feeling exhausted, emotional, burnt out, over whelmed, AND experiencing joy, support, love, beauty at the same time!

What can we do? 



(And don’t feel bad about doing these)

⭐Set boundaries 

⭐Increase self care 

⭐Say NO when you need to 

⭐Say YES when it feels right 

⭐Express your needs 

⭐Do healing on yourself 

⭐Ask for healing from someone you trust 

⭐Get out in nature 

⭐Ask for help 

⭐Become aware of any old hurts, pain, ego, shadow and take time to work through them 

⭐Disconnect and clear from old non serving energies 

⭐Ask for help again 

⭐Then receive the support offered 

⭐Allow yourself to be soft and vulnerable when you need to be so deep healing and shifts can take place 

⭐And offer your strength and courage when you are able to to those who may have temporarily lost theirs 

⭐Be a supporter 

⭐Create a community 

⭐Do some voluntary work for a small heart centred charity 

⭐Offer to do shopping for someone who needs help, walk their dog, feed their cat, take their child to school 

⭐Love yourself more 

⭐Buy yourself some flowers 

⭐Buy someone else some flowers 

⭐Keep checking in with yourself on what you need 

⭐Keep checking in on those you love 

⭐Go to bed early 

⭐Eat nutritious foods 

⭐Take some vitamins and flower remedies 

⭐Avoid violent TV and movies 

⭐Read uplifting books 

⭐Go on an inspiring workshop 

⭐Hug your dog or cat or horse or chicken or someone else’s 

⭐Keep your breath and thoughts in the present moment as that’s the most important place to be 

⭐Write an intentions list 

⭐Book a short break away 

⭐Go to a show 

⭐Have a catch up with friends over a cuppa or lunch or dinner 

⭐Talk about how you really feel 

⭐Go for a walk somewhere beautiful 

⭐Have a laugh 

⭐Be with people who are good for your soul

⭐Have a relaxing soak in the bath 

⭐Have a holistic therapy session that you know will benefit you 

⭐Turn off your phone and step back from the chaos 


⭐Dowse on a situation

⭐Journal how you feel 

⭐Write a letter to the Universe 

⭐Drink plenty of water, Juices and herbal tea 

⭐Sit in the garden 

⭐Go to a park 

⭐Feed the ducks 

⭐Connect with like minded souls 



⭐Ask for help 

I send you so much Love at this moment and know things WILL get better. None of us have signed up for anything that doesn’t have a happy ending. Perfection, beauty, love and abundance  already exists we are just navigating our way to it. 

So remember to ask for help and re-read my suggested list of self nurture above.

Love Susie xx



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