Everyone Is Changing

everyone is changing

Everyone is changing!


Some may be aware they are.

Some may not.

But we all are.

We are coming out of spring into a brand new energy AND we are coming out of the madness of the last few years too with an eagerness to change, and live life to the full more than ever.

One thing that was said on an Equine Therapy course I was on recently was:

“the most important thing in your life right now is the next breath you take in”.

Oh my goodness me that hit me deeper than ever!

This was when we were talking about mindfulness and how horses are the greatest teachers of how to be present as they live their lives by that concept.

I KNEW this.

But I FELT this so powerfully being in the presence of the horses.

One horse even strolled into the training room while we were having class! I will share this pic as it was so gorgeous and joyful.

No one flinched.

No one reacted.

No one told the horse off for being “naughty”.

Instead everyone was so joyful to see “Dale” join us for a moment and then one of the teachers gently stood up and calmly walked towards Dale and said calmly “come on boy you’re not supposed to be in here, out you come” and without a head collar she just asked him to leave and gently touched him and he went.


So what was this all about?

And why am I sharing this with you?

Well for me this was showing that we (humans) are NOT the superior species, in fact we have got it all wrong. We conduct ourselves from the mind and we forget who we are! We forget what’s important in life - which is connection!

Gosh I’ve always felt I was connected really well to people and to animals but this course took me to an even deeper level in my heart that I’ve ever known.




Being present. 

Letting things go. 

Being present again. 

Enjoying connecting with other beings (be it a human, a horse or a cat or a rat) and all of these experiences are  precious gifts of connecting and BEING who we are meant to be!

I had some life enhancing experiences with some horses. 

One giant horse comforted me as I was distracted on day one as one of my own dogs had been poorly that week. So I wasn’t present at all but thinking of my beloved dog. This beautiful horse came over to me and I sighed. Then she sighed (which was difficult to put into words the feeling I felt from her doing that, it was incredible) then she lowered her head towards me and leant into me - gently - and took some lovely gentle breaths in and out, in and out ….. she was calming me and bringing me into the present moment.

I can say that I felt totally different after the experience.


In awe of the horse. 


Honoured to have had this experience.

And I share this with you to say that surely if we all start to be more mindful, more aware of our breath and how precious it is, more in awe of animals and what amazing loving creatures they all are, more willing to let things go and be in the moment and more grateful of the beautiful experiences and treasured memories we create daily then we can ALL be more happy, healthy, loving and present individuals.

In our hearts.

In our power.

Connected to Love.

Feeling our way through life.

Quietening the mind.

Letting things go.

Being present.

Honouring our lives.

Being honest.

Being enriched and fulfilled.

I feel a different person now 


And I’m going to start to be even more present daily and even more in my heart and intentionally create enriching experiences that will live in my heart and my soul forever.

It’s so simple.

Animals get it. 

Humans not so much.

Perhaps this is the key to life.

I don’t know.

But it feels amazing.

So whatever you’re doing I wish you a healthy breath in and out, beautiful enriching moments to treasure and LOVE



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