38 Things To Make a Difference To Your Day

make a difference to your day

If you’re finding life challenging at the moment then consider what small things you could do that would make a difference to your day but wouldn’t be over whelming for you to cope with.

Perhaps -
💫 Go into the garden and have a cup of tea 
💫 Listen to the birds singing 
💫 Admire the spring flowers and blossoms that are returning and bringing beauty back into nature 
💫 Write down how you feel in a journal 
💫 Get yourself a lovely colouring book and pens and create some lovely designs (I saw a lovely Mandala colouring book that was beautiful) 
💫 Read an inspirational book (or listen to one on Audible if you don’t like reading)
💫 Plant some seeds or bulbs in pots 
💫 Go for a gentle walk 
💫 Buddy up with someone who has a dog and go for a walk with them
💫 Talk to someone you trust about how you feel 
💫 Reduce caffeine, alcohol and nicotine if you can and replace with decaf, fruit teas and juices and non alcoholic drinks  instead 
💫 Go to bed a bit earlier 
💫 Turn off all the tech before you sleep so your system can totally switch off 
💫 Get outdoors and see some lovely animals 
💫 Arrange to catch up with someone you love 
💫 Have a lie in 
💫 Treat yourself to something that brings you happiness 
💫 Have a home cooked nutritious meal - even cook yourself a lovely meal from a recipe if you can 
💫 Have a lovely relaxing soak in a salt bath 
💫 Reduce the amount of time on the internet, social media, TV and other gadgets 
💫 Do a craft such as knitting, flower arranging or sign up to a workshop if you wish so someone teaches you how to do it 
💫 Rest when you need to
💫 Write a poem 
💫 Have a cup of tea in bed 
💫 Take some vitamins and supplements 
💫 Follow a guided meditation 
💫 Have your hair done 
💫 Book a massage or Reiki treatment 
💫 Watch an uplifting film 
💫 Go to dance lessons 
💫 Plan a day out 
💫 Walk on the beach 
💫 Write a Letter to the Universe about what you want to let go of, take it into your garden and burn it 
💫 Consider doing some voluntary work or giving something to a worthy cause 
💫 Have a nap 
💫 Turn off your phone and have some time just for you 
💫 Start a new hobby 
💫 Bake a cake, and eat a piece! Then share it with other lovely people (or keep it yourself) 

I know that life can be tough sometimes, I hear this such a lot lately from some of my lovely clients. And I’ve been through tough times myself. 

People are experiencing loss, illness, grief, shock, sadness, trauma and more and in these instances it can be utterly exhausting or overwhelming to even get out of bed some days which is why I’m suggesting the simplest of things to do. 

It’s at these times when we ALL would be wise to acknowledge that none of these feelings, emotions, thoughts or experiences are “negative”. They are our life experiences and we need support to get through them. 

(I don’t really like the terms “positive” and “negative”)

Some folk only like to focus on the “happy clappy, everything is Love and Light” theory and anything else is “negative” but in my experience this is damaging and detrimental as well as judgmental, outdated and quite frankly a crazy way of viewing the human experience! 

Instead we could be more understanding, loving and compassionate and real by saying to those we know that are experiencing tough times -:

“How can I support you?”
“What do you need?”
“Would you like to chat?”
“Can I give you a hug?”
“Please cry if you need to, it’s fine I’m here for you”

The only way any of us recover from the big stuff, the tough stuff, is by being gentle with ourselves and surrounding ourselves with other gentle, supportive and wholesome folk who get it, really get it! 

Then and only then can we receive the healing that we need at a deep level and navigate through it all and come out the other end. 

And THEN the happiness and the joy WILL return. 

I send you love and a hug if you need it and remember I’m here for one to distance healing treatments, coaching sessions, Reiki treatments, offer courses to help you, guided meditations and more - just click here to discover.

Love Susie 

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