We Are ALL Naturally Intuitive

Naturally Intuitive

Let’s keep on raising OUR consciousness, evolving, blossoming, healing and shining OUR Light 

Let’s remember WE are ALL naturally intuitive and have OUR OWN Divine guidance helping us navigate through this life.

OUR hearts will lead us to the better path even though the ego may try to stop us and talk us out of it and want us to conform to what everyone else is doing.

WE are wise to surround ourselves with HIGH energy! That includes making GOOD choices with what we consume, be it food and drinks, things we watch on TV or movies, the books we read and the people and places we associate with.

EVERYTHING has an energy! And WE ALL have FREE WILL choices on which energy WE consume or engage with.

And when WE surround ourselves INTENTIONALLY with HIGH frequency energy, be it from foods, products, experiences, places and people WE WILL be happier, healthier and more FREE!

(And less able to be manipulated!)

Plus OUR intuitive ability and OUR Divine connection and OUR ability to ground WILL BE so much stronger! So WE WILL be able to FEEL what serves US and receive guidance on OUR path ahead!

And when the tough times happen WE WILL be more empowered to navigate through them and have a great support system/network to HELP US through the tough times.

Let’s start to remember WE CAN all create an amazing life for OURSELVES by disengaging and disconnecting from the low frequency stuff, thinking and feeling for OURSELVES AND engaging and immersing ourselves in the high frequency stuff.

And if YOU need any help with meditating to connect to YOUR OWN power then check out my guided meditations here.

And I’m here to support you with one to one healing or coaching sessions too either in person or via distance when you feel you need support.

Let’s connect to OUR OWN wisdom and power and create a better world for us all.

I send you Love

Susie xx

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