Online Courses

Learn how to read Angel Cards from anywhere in the world!

GBP 25.00
Learn how to read Angel Cards for yourself and for others!
GBP 5.00

Would you love some guidance to reflect and let go of the challenging energy of the Winter months?

And would you love some guidance and support to create a magical Intentions list?

Plus simple and powerful ways to help your Intentions list manifest?! 

Well this is for you!

✨How To Work With This Amazing Abundant Energy!✨

GBP 15.00

Simple and yet powerful things you can do to maximise upon this abundant, celebratory, sunshine energy of so much Light!

Online course from Susie Gessey

GBP 35.00

Do you sometimes feel drained? Stressed? Over whelmed? Can’t sleep? Or you feel agitated, emotional and can’t switch off?

Well this can sometimes be because you have what I call “non serving energy” around you, or in your home or place of work!

With this course, learn many tools at your own pace to help you master clearing non serving energy so you can feel more happy, peaceful, clear, healthy, rest and sleep better!

Online course from Susie Gessey

GBP 35.00

Learn how to Dowse with a Pendulum for happiness, health, healing and Guidance with this 12-part online course.