Storm Energy

Storm Energy
So what a week it’s been, well actually a couple of weeks!

The energy seems really intense at the moment doesn’t it!

And the storms are raging around the U.K! And more than one too! 

The storms going on around us seem so strange! I don’t remember having more than one storm in a 2 week period before! Do you? Which leads me to think of the whole weather manipulation programme. I read so much about the Chinese government back in 2018 having a programme to control the weather. And they openly admitted controlling the weather for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Makes you think doesn’t it at what is going on? As none of this weather FEELS natural to me. Does it to you? 

Any situation where humans mess with nature, Mother Earth or creation or try to play “God” never sits right with me. Surely it’s ego based, harmful, controlling, manipulative and so disrespectful on so many levels! 

So what can we do? 

  • Go within  
  • Meditate
  • Remember who we are! 
  • Seek our own inner guidance, truth and answers 
  • Connect more to our hearts so that we don’t go down the path of ego! 
  • Connect to the Universe, to God or to Angels or guides or whatever your loving source of Divine energy is, and again ask for loving guidance, healing and protection. 
  • Empower ourselves!
  • Investigate topics that you feel you need to to be better informed on, (even tough subjects) then take action where necessary (for example I investigated the slave trade and empowered myself by shining a Light on that unpleasant subject. I then took action by deciding to only buy from smaller ethical companies as much as possible that give fair wages to their employees so I’m not contributing to that system) 
  • Find peace daily 
  • Create joy and laugh daily too 
  • Nourish and nurture yourself with nutritious foods and drinks
  • Do some journaling 
  • Have a healing session, or do one for yourself 
  • Connect with nature 
  • Ground ourselves 
  • Rest, and sleep as much as you need 
  • Ask for help if you need it 

The natural storm energy is all about clearing and shifting. And if not in balance it can be about turbulence and literally feelings of being “blown about” so it can feel overwhelming, like we are unable to cope. 

Be mindful of this and do some lovely things to help you feel more steadfast and rooted!

And ask for help and support if you need it. 

Perhaps if you don’t want to actually go outdoors in nature then do a meditation specifically to ground yourself and connect to Mother Nature and her ever loving energy, support and strength (and if you need help with this then take a look at my lovely guided meditation about this).

Supported by Mother earth meditation

The storms can also shift things from within us at a deep level. So if you’re feeling irritated or emotional or that you can’t cope know that this WILL pass it’s just the energy!

Plus if you’re having weird dreams, or thinking of people or events from the past then that’s the storm energy bringing these things up. 

We CAN navigate through this!

SO Let’s do some things to help to shift these things from the past such as -: 

  1. Do some self healing treatments for yourself 
  2. Or go to someone you trust to have a healing treatment 
  3. Send healing energy back in time to the past to heal experiences, events and situations that we may still have an emotional attachment to, to free ourselves 
  4. Disconnect from any non serving energy either with symbols or ask Arch Angel Michael to cut the non serving cords of energy 
  5. Write a Letter to the Universe to help you release and let go (and please note that this amazing and simple technique I teach in my classes is now available on my website to download
  6. Reclaim our energy in the situation 
  7. Forgiveness exercises 
  8. Accept our part in the situation 
  9. Be kind to who we were then and acknowledge how far we have come and how different we are now 
  10. Meditate to find peace of mind and /or guidance from your heart and your guides 
  11. Create some new intentions to give some focus for your future!
  12. Treat yourself by cooking some delicious healthy food 
  13. Drink plenty of healthy water (avoid tap water) 
  14. Have an Epsom salt bath 
  15. Play some uplifting music and dance!
  16. Catch up with like minded people 
  17. And ask for help if you need it 
  18. Offer help if you are able to 
  19. Breathe, rest, relax and have a good night sleep 
  20. Give gratitude for the blessings you have each night before you sleep and each morning before you get out of bed 

And if you wish to be with lovely heart centred like minded people remember I run classes, workshops and one off days to create this for you!

Find out more about these here!

Let’s be aware that the energy, and the storms may be blowing us about physically mentally emotionally and spiritually! Let’s do some of the things mentioned above to anchor us in so that we can navigate through the turbulence!

Storms always pass

And the Light always returns 

Spring will be here soon! With all the gorgeous spring flowers and gorgeous green trees, birds, butterflies and bees! I am SO excited as I LOVE Spring!

So I will write soon about Spring Equinox 

Sending you Love and Joy!

Susie xx 



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